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The video belongs to the “NãoÉSóSobreComida campaign


São Paulo, August 8, 2019 – Seara Alimentos believes that true relationships built through daily intimacy are what create the strongest connection between people and create the best memories. The #NãoÉSóSobreComida campaign, launched last May, was developed to run throughout the year and how it will be activated on the main commemorative dates of the year. This is how the brand’s Father’s Day campaign came to life, cherishing relationships and emphasizing the connections between fathers and their children. The campaign’s emotional tone highlights complicity and reinforces the father figure in a simple and everyday, yet important, situation in a daughter’s life.

“We got very emotional just reading the script, and we believe consumers feel the same way. We decided to launch this film a few months ago because it carries a genuine message that can apply to several occasions, whatever the date”, said José Cirilo, executive director of Marketing at Seara Alimentos. Previously launched on June, the campaign underlines the consistency of one of the Company’s main attributes – Quality – and goes beyond the brand’s products to invite Brazilians to become part of this movement within their own families, so they appreciate the value of everyday connections inside and outside the home.

“The movie’s success and repercussion exceeded our expectations, the audience was captivated and we especially won over the male demographic, which is increasingly a part of their children’s lives”, said Cirilo. According to data from the Seara QLab, campaign interaction was almost 61% higher than average for Seara’s media content. The video achieved 93 million views on YouTube and nearly half of them were men, who accounted for 42% of views (24.2 million men watched the entire video). It is fitting that the Company revisit this content on Father’s Day, paying homage to the relationship between fathers and their children.

Backed by the original song “É tudo que eu desejo”, the Father’s Day campaign included TV spots that show a father preparing a school snack for his daughter, including another sandwich so that she can share it with someone close to her. The teenager only notices this act of affection when she goes to eat her sandwich, strengthening the relationship between them. This is a small and beautiful gesture, because “Não É Só Sobre Comida“ (It’s Not Only About Food), but also about the quality of people’s relationships.

Overall performance metrics of the #NãoÉSóSobreComida campaign

Seara carried out a strategic action to improve consumer brand preference and based on its current position, it increased the quality of relationships and the Company also perceived that most memorable occasions are associated with good meals.

So far, the #NãoÉSóSobreComida by WMcCann has three spots: Manifesto, Presunto (Ham) and Dia dos Namorados (Valentine’s Day) that reached over 48 million people, 239 million views and had a total impact exceeding 742 million, according to QLab. The Manifesto spot engaged 1.1 million people, with 15% organic views (4.3 million), most of them during the first few days of the campaign.




Agency: WMcCann
Client: Seara

Product: Ham
Name of the Campaign: Não É Só Sobre Comida

CCO: Hugo Rodrigues and André Marques

COO: Kevin Zung

Creative Director: Ana Castelo Branco
Creation: Ana Castelo Branco, Raphael Fiuza, Paulo Filipe, João Pires and Caio Machado

VP of Planning: Luciana Padovani

Planning: Camila Collesi, Lourenço Guimarães and Guilherme Lima

Client Services: Tatiana Miana, Vivian Cecchi, Vivian Esposito and Ana Florencio

VP of Media: André França

Media: Roberto Almeida, Beatriz Ribeiro, Nuria Alves and Mariana Salgado

BI: Anny Atti and Felipe Borges

VP of Production: Tato Bono

Producer: Melina Balassanian

Film Producer: O2 Filmes

Director: Fred Luz
Director of Photography: Fernando Bertoluci and Alexandre Ermel

Executive Producer: Rafael Fortes and Amanda Rossi
Art Direction: André Zarza

Client Services: Rejane Bicca, André Gustavo and Raquel Rocha

Editor: Victor Cohen and Danilo Abraham

Post-production:  O2 Filmes

Sound Producer: Jamute

Producer: James Pinto, Thiago Lester and Anderson Soares

Executive Sound Producer:  James Pinto

Client Services: Kiki Eisenbraun and Sabrina Geraissate

Coordination: Cassia Garcia and Juliana Zuppo

Graphic Production: Nereu Marinho and Maurício Martim

Art Buyer: Melina Balassanian

Photography: Ricardo Barcellos

Photography Production: Thais Sanches

Image Touch Up: Boreal

Designs: Marina Hirle and Luana Carvalho

Public Relations: Kerena Neves and Bruna Ramos

Client Approval: José Cirilo, Tannia Fukuda, Rafael Palmer and Isadora Weydmann



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About Seara
Seara has been on Brazilian shelves for over 60 years. It is a Brazilian food brand that is fully committed to product quality and offers a wide range of fresh pork and poultry products as well as prepared and processed foods. Sold nationwide, Seara currently supplies ready-to-eat products to millions of Brazilian homes annually, catering to a wide range of different tastes. These products include Chicken, Pork, Breaded Product, Hamburger, Ready-to-eat Dishes, Cold Cuts and Vegetables, Pizzas, Sausages and the special Seara Monica Gang brand. Seara Alimentos sells to over 130 countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, United States, United Arab Emirates, China and Japan) and holds several international certificates for production excellence, including the BRC (British Retail Consortium), SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability), Global GAP (Global Agriculture Chain Certificate), Swiss Law, ISO 14001, Halal Certification, Certificate of Conformity (ESMA Halal National Mark), among others.


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