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In addition to the manifesto, with strong digital media campaign, endorsed by Ludmilla, Cleo and Rafael Vitti, the company launches the biggest bacon line in its history. The brand also announces activations at Rock in Rio, a brand new partnership with Paulistânia, inaugurations of Lounge Q, Seara BOX and sponsorship to TV Globo’s show ‘Mestre do Sabor’


Seara Alimentos, present for over 60 years in Brazilian homes with products that offer quality and innovation, is launching the biggest bacon line in its history, along with the movement #BaconLovers, aiming at attracting the attention of those who love bacon and make others fall in love with it. With a humored and irreverent tone, the campaign gives life to the movement and promises to impact the lives of Brazilians in the coming months, with activations involving the entire bacon portfolio. To leverage the manifesto, the brand Seara Gourmet has ambassadors like Ludmilla, Cleo and Rafael Vitti, presence in the 2019 edition of Rock in Rio, and announces an innovative partnership, for a bacon-infused draft beer, with Cervejaria Paulistânia. Concerning the brand Seara, the unprecedented news is the sponsorship to the gastronomy reality  show ‘Mestre do Sabor’, from TV Globo, in addition to the launches: Lounge Q, VIP  booth at Allianz Parque, and Seara BOX, a themed experience that is arriving at people’s homes to value special relationships.

To launch the new Bacon Seara Gourmet line, the brand search for the most innovative features in the market and followed the latest global trends, adding technologies that enhance the manufacturing processes and guarantee the characteristic superiority of Seara Gourmet. Comprised of five items, the line offers perfect combinations with intense flavors, compelling aromas and top-quality bacon. In addition to the signature flavor and the crunchy texture, one of the highlights is the Double Smoked Bacon Slices, resulting in a perfect balance between meat and fat.


With the movement #BaconLovers, Seara Gourmet calls for the union of all bacon lovers, and invites people to express their love for the product, without shyness and with plenty of flavor. Using a modern and fun language in the concept: “Awaken the BaconLover that lives in you,” WMcCann launches the campaign for the brand in September 4th, on TV, internet and points of sale. In the digital media, celebrities like Ludmilla, Cleo and Rafael Vitti are the ambassadors who endorse the campaign and help the movement reverberate.

In synergy with the novelties, the movement #BaconLovers also helps strengthening the line with a modern and fun campaign, with strong presence in the digital universe. To disseminate the communication, the brand has a strategy with influencers, partners and investments in social media.

To take advantage of the International Bacon Day, celebrated on September 1st, Seara Gourmet was also present at the #BaconDay. With digital strategy by SunsetDDB, the brand spiked the curiosity of #BaconLovers on its Instagram page, with an unusual post about beer with bacon, which generated plenty of buzz, resulting in positive engagement among the consumers. The idea was to instigate the consumers to free their imagination and propose different combinations for this product portfolio – exactly what Seara Gourmet intends to do with a series of partners that will impress bacon lovers.

Also on the Bacon Day, Seara conducted another digital activation with 12 micro influencers who are #BaconLovers, who were delivered at their home a full, Seara BOX themed experience – a surprise box, with a menu customized for each occasion, a special menu comprised of brand products, in addition to drinks, music and decoration. With the goal of surprising strategic partners and valuing special moments, strengthening the relationships between people, the action helps with the brand recognition and to disseminate the company portfolio. The service will be used in other brand activations, like Rock in Rio.

“There is an audience of bacon aficionados in Brazil and we know that the number of bacon lovers grows every day. Today, we see bacon being consumed throughout Brazil not only on the main meals, like in the past, but also during breakfast and even on desserts. Seara, as a major food company, is aware of this movement and ready to meet the business demands and cater to all consumer profiles, tracking their desires. To do this, it looked for innovation and inspiration in other markets that lead this consumption trend, in order to add value and quality to its new line,” says José Cirilo, Executive Marketing Director from Seara Alimentos.


Also according to the executive, considering the new bacon line and the digital initiatives that tend to leverage the manifesto, Seara aims at taking the category to a new level: “We have launched a line with so much variety and versatility that will allow us to create relevance and boost the movement, uniting old and new #BaconLovers. Our intention is for Seara Gourmet to take hold of the segment in Brazil and make the category portfolio recognized for having different cuts and different types of bacon.”

In Brazil, bacon is on its way to achieve the status of megastar, like in the USA. Seara Alimentos calculates that the annual average consumption per capita of bacon in Brazil to be of approximately 400 grams*, still below the 8 kg per year consumed by Americans. In Brazil, the product is normally used when cooking beans, but with the dissemination of fast food chains, especially the ones specialized in hamburgers, the consumption of bacon has become increasingly popular and the demand tends to increase. It is a fact that Brazilians love protein and are one of the world’s top consumers per capita, eating an average of 14.7 kg** of pork meat per year. Given this potential, bacon can certainly take an important share, leaving its position of being just the shy speck to become the star of meals – and #BaconLovers already lead this movement.

To position the company in this potential dimension and give more visibility to the new line, including the movement #BaconLovers, Seara Gourmet will have important actions throughout the year, with presence in three areas at the 2019 edition of Rock in Rio, to be held from September 27th to 29th and October 3rd to 6th, at the Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro. Unusual activations involving bacon promise to surprise those attending the biggest music festival in the world.


At the Rock District, there will be an activation in the brand’s concept area, with application of bacon-themed digital tattoo and sale of products, also focused on bacon (combos and dessert), as well as drinks. The area, fun and casual, in line with the campaign and the movement #BaconLovers, will welcome guests and influencers. On the Gourmet Square, there will be two areas, also with digital tattoo activation, as well as tasting of products with bacon and delivery of gifts. On the lawn, the irreverent “giant bacons” will interact with the festival audience. During the event, those who post the hashtag #BaconLovers will get a bacon sk


To reinforce the message that bacon goes with everything, Seara Gourmet has signed a partnership with Cervejaria Paulistânia, which developed an exclusive draft beer with one of the products from the Bacon Especial Seara Gourmet line. The brand’s idea is to launch, still this year, new partnerships in the segment. In the case of Cervejaria Paulistânia, it is bringing along with Seara Gourmet to São Paulo the first edition of Chope com Bacon. The exclusive launch, to be held soon at the restaurant Brace, at Eataly Sao Paulo, uses the Bacon em Fatias Double Smoked sliced bacon masterfully in the beverage – on the first batch, there will be 0.5 gram of bacon per liter of beer, in addition to malts and yeasts.


And these are not the only news! Taking advantage of this grand moment for Seara Alimentos and in a fully exclusive and customized activation, the company announces its VIP booth at Allianz Parque, the Lounge Q. With the goal of offering differentiated experiences to its guests, in a cozy area with privileged view, the Lounge Q reinforces the Q for Quality of the brand, offers interactions, entertainment and plenty of fun, adding value to the brand’s product attributes and services and reinforcing people’s coexistence on the day to day life – theme of the campaign “It’s Not Only About Food,” encouraging relations and the important moments of life. With a sponsorship consolidated for two years, another exclusive news is that, soon, part of the new menu from the multiuse arena and the booths, during concerts and matches, will be signed by Seara – hamburger, sausage, cold cuts and chicken in natura are some of the proteins to be offered. 

Another important initiative that helps Seara emphasize the manifesto #BaconLovers and explore the attributes of its products is the brand’s sponsorship to the gastronomy reality show ‘Mestre do Sabor’ at TV Globo, expected to premiere on October 10th. A format created and developed by Boninho, director of Genre and Varieties at Globo, the show will be hosted by Claude Troisgros and his assistant Batista, and will gather the cuisines from Minas Gerais, Rio and Portugal – represented by the chefs Leo Paixão, Kátia Barbosa and José Avillez. A versatile team which will take turns in the roles to help and assess the skills of the competition’s 24 candidates, professional chefs from different regions of Brazil.

As the show’s sponsor, Seara has content actions and several activations expected on tests during the attraction, involving strategic products. This is one more sure shot investment that discloses the company’s main lines nationwide and that adds value to product attributes, in order to expand the construction of brand messages to Brazilians.


Seara Gourmet is the premium line from Seara Alimentos. Its portfolio presents products with superior quality, made with selected ingredients, the best raw materials and innovative processes to offer items with differentiated texture and flavor. In this sense, the Bacon Especial Seara Gourmet line was created especially for bacon lovers.

The new features offer innovative cuts to #BaconLovers, like the “round” cut, and a double smoked version, which goes through a 100% natural double smoking process, which intensifies the flavor. In total, there are five practical and versatile products, ideal for any type of recipe and perfect for all occasions. Check them out:


  • Bacon em Fatias: standardized slices, versatile for everyday life, with more flavor thanks to the longer curing time;
  • Bacon em Fatias Double Smoked: smoked two times, with the ideal ratio of meat (Extra Shoulder Bacon) and thicker slices for gourmet moments;
  • Bacon em Cubos: more flavor and longer curing time for standardized cubes that give a final touch to the recipes;
  • Bacon em Tablete: more flavor on the tablets thanks to the slow curing process;
  • Smoked Pork Rounds: naturally smoked extra shoulder with the ideal ratio of meat – the round slice is ideal for hamburgers.


Always evolving, Seara Gourmet launched its bacon line in 2016, and since then it increased its share to 17% of Brazilian homes, with highlight for the consumption of the Cubed and Sliced versions.


 *Data: Kantar, expanded (Jul’18 to Jun’19) | T. Brazil.
**Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA), 2017.



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