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In verse he celebrates the city’s 65th anniversary


Seara, April 01, 2019 – Wielding a pen and piece of paper. This is how Valdomiro Rogoski, water treatment station operator at Seara Alimentos, celebrated the city of Seara’s 65th anniversary on April 3. Valdomiro, who is known throughout the Company for his gift of writing and poetry, did not want the date to pass unnoticed. He narrated his life in city in which he arrived precisely 48 years ago, using verse to describe the nature and natural beauty of the city, which is located in Santa Catarina. His poem also emphasizes the local population’s daily struggles and their desire to build a legacy so that future generations can continue writing Seara’s history.

Writing is not a new found talent for Valdomiro. He has already penned over 500 poems. He talks about his feelings and offers personal accounts of his surroundings in verse. Valdomiro says he has an urge to write and recite his own art. During his 36 year career with Seara Alimentos, he has attended various celebrations such as the Honorees Party, one of the biggest events the Company organizes for its employees. On this year’s International Women’s Day, he made a point of reciting some verses for the women who work for the company. Read Valdomiro’s tribute to the city below.


Congratulations Seara 65 years

the city of Seara oficially

existing since its Administrative and Political

Emancipation on April 3, 1954

I, Valdomiro Rogoski

arrived at Seara in 1971

therefore, I have 48 years

of battles alongside these people

and I thank God

for having this opportunity

and the people of this city

that welcomed me so warmly

I can still remember clearly

the day was 12/06/1982

walking through Beira Rio street

next to the Caçador River

nature treated with love

pristine water flowing down the waterfall

and the birds chirping

right then, I spoke with God

here I can see so much beauty

oh, how good it is to have respect for nature

Today, there is a lot of waste around

we do not think about our children and grandchildren

this new generation

all jewels in the eyes of God

let us think about this

let us take better care of Seara

and congratulate them for 65 years of history!!!

a loving kiss

To everyone who live here

working and showing their value

city of peace and love

of good-hearted people

I believe in them

and carry in my heart

My eternal gratitude


Valdomiro Rogoski


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