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The company achieved 99.97% social and environmental compliance during cattle purchases in the Amazon Biome, fulfilling its Public Livestock Commitment with Greenpeace.


Sao Paulo, 28 September, 2016 – Today, JBS is publishing its annual independent audit report confirming its compliance with the Public Livestock Commitment. The criteria agreed with Greenpeace state that the company will not purchase raw materials from farms in areas involved in deforestation or subject to environmental embargo, that use labor analogous to slavery or are based on indigenous land or in environmental protection areas. The company currently monitors almost 40 thousand cattle suppliers in the Amazon region daily, out of a total 70 thousand suppliers nationwide.


The audit process verified over 11 thousand JBS cattle purchase transactions throughout 2015 from farms based in the Amazon Biome and reported that the company achieved 99.97% efficiency in its supplier social and environmental monitoring process.


“JBS believes it is possible to produce high quality meat on a sustainable basis, beginning with raw material sourcing and continuing through each link in the supply chain”, said Márcio Nappo, JBS Sustainability director.  “We have made great progress with our supplier social and environmental monitoring system via our monitoring system, which analyzes satellite imagery of supplier farms and covers 59 million hectares and 437 municipal regions in the Amazon region”, he added.


To ensure that raw materials are sourced responsibly, all JBS suppliers must comply with a range of social and environmental criteria. The company has developed a system to monitor a number of social and environmental factors linked to cattle purchases from each of its suppliers. The system employs satellite imagery, farm georeferencing data and information from government agencies, such as IBAMA, the National Space Research Institute (INPE) and the Ministry of Employment, to support our daily analysis of its suppliers in Brazil.


In order to improve social and environmental conditions at its suppliers, JBS created the “Legal Supplier” Program which offers a network of specialist environmental consultants who support the company’s cattle suppliers in efforts to ensure their farms comply with environmental regulations.


For further information about the JBS audit report and work plan, click here.


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