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Company supports construction of Recyclable Materials Valuation Center and receives award for Sustainability practices.


São Paulo, September 14, 2016 – As part of a group of projects managed by the Parana Reverse Logistics Institute (ILOG), JBS sponsored construction of the recently inaugurated Center for Recyclable Material Processing (CVMR) for cooperatives in Maringá. This initiative is part of the company’s program to help cooperatives comply with the National Solid Waste Policy, which helps increase income for those involved in the program and helps to protect the environment through increased recycling of consumer packaging.


The materials that are separated by the cooperatives go through an additional try arch process in order to separate the various types of plastic, paper and cardboard and increase the value of recyclable materials. “This is the high point of an environmental project that also provides social support. The CVMR can sell this material for a higher price and increase the cooperatives’ financial returns”, said Claudia Jardim, a JBS sustainability specialist. The project is designed to separate between 300 and 400 tons of recyclable materials collected in the city and surrounding region every month.


Furthermore, JBS has joined the Climate Change Program organized by the State Environmental Secretariat; this program monitors greenhouse gas emissions from companies and the company was recognized for its 2015 report. “As a global company, it is a significant challenge for us to control these indices. However, what we can say is that CO2 emissions are likely to drop over the next several years because JBS is increasingly engaged in this issue and has taken a number of steps to increase eco-efficiency and environmental investments”, said the executive.


The company was awarded the Paraná Climate Seal from the Environmental Secretariat, which is given to organizations reporting emissions related to their Paraná businesses. This is the first year JBS is producing this local report and the aim is to engage other companies doing business in the state and support a transition towards an increasingly sustainable and less carbon intensive economy.


About JBS

JBS, a company with over 60 years’ experience, is a food company that manages production platforms and commercial offices in over 20 countries. The company has over 230 thousand staff worldwide, exports to more than 150 countries and serves over 300 thousand active clients globally. JBS has a diverse product portfolio that includes dozens of brands that are known throughout the world.  The company is also active in other sectors related to its core business, such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, soaps, glycerin and casings and owns waste management, metal packaging and shipping businesses that support its global operations.



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