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A new unit in Guaiçara (SP) will serve the steel and aluminum aerosol segment;

Investments will also focus on expanding lithographic capacity and modernizing production lines.


São Paulo, June 7, 2019 – JBS Embalagens Metálicas is investing over R$ 80 million in a new unit that will focus exclusively on steel (tinplate) and aluminum can production. Construction should be concluded by the first half of 2020.

Located in the interior of São Paulo, in the city of Guaiçara, the unit will create new job opportunities across the region. Equipped with high-end technology and focusing on industry 4.0, the facility will have three dedicated production lines that will serve the domestic market.

“This plant will expand our aerosol production capacity by more than 220 million units per year. We are also moving into the aluminum packaging sector for the cosmetics – deodorant market – this is a milestone for us. This strategy will also help us in our medium and long-term sustainable growth strategies”, said Marcelo Jorcovix, director of JBS Embalagens Metálicas. “Business expansion through portfolio and segment diversification will help us add value to the Company”, said the executive.

JBS Embalagens Metálicas is also investing over R$ 25 million to expand lithographic capacity and modernize production lines at its Lins (SP) unit. The new, cutting-edge equipment is based on German and Swiss technology and should be up and running by the end of 2019.

Sustainable production


Sustainability underpins all JBS Embalagens Metálicas production processes and the Company is always implementing the market’s best sustainable practices. All packaging is biodegradable and 100% recyclable, in addition to being high-quality, light and strong.

The Company does not use preservatives, which means the products’ natural properties remain unchanged while protecting food products for over two years in adverse weather, handling and transport conditions. Since 2016, the Company has been following environmental regulations that will take effect in 2020 under climate agreements signed with the European Union.

JBS Embalagens Metálicas is also a member of the Industry Packaging Accord and the Prolata Program – an initiative by the Brazilian Steel Packaging Association (Abeaço), which operates in five different regions of the country. Prolata focuses on three areas: centers to receive large volumes, cooperatives for people who collect recyclable material – focusing on social inclusion – and voluntary delivery points for consumers.



About JBS
JBS is one of the world’s leading food industry companies with approximately 230 thousand employees in 15 countries. The Company owns a portfolio of brands that are acknowledged for their excellence and innovation, including Friboi, Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Pride, Primo, Seara, Swift, Gold’n Plump and others, serving over 275,000 customers of more than 150 nationalities worldwide. The company’s focus on innovation also reflects its management approach to related businesses in areas such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning products, natural wrappings, solid waste management solutions, metal packaging and transportation. JBS has adopted best sustainability practices throughout its value chain and constantly monitors its suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced maps of supplier farms and monitors official data from government agencies; the company also focuses on the highest possible food safety and quality standards. The success of JBS’s operations is closely tied to our Animal welfare practices, which are rigorously applied and have received an increasing share of investments to further improve the Company’s efforts in this area, in line with best practices.

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