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The company will ship 10.5 tons of product to JBS Couros unit in South America during the first half of 2017


São Paulo, January 31, 2017 – JBS Ambiental, the JBS unit specializing in solid waste management solutions, has increased synergies between the company’s businesses by starting exports of plastic coverings to JBS Couros operations in Argentina and Paraguay in July 2016. Export volumes during the first half of this year will be 91% higher compared with the second half of 2016, when around 5.5 tons of product were shipped to both countries. The JBS Couros unit in Uruguay will be the next to join this system and will be receiving around 5 tons of plastic coverings by June of this year.


“In addition to using the plastic bags and waste bags recycled by all company operations in Brazil, we are also sending plastic coverings for the leather processing business. The material protects items during the production and marketing process and also avoids contamination and possible damage during transportation, which might be caused by bad weather”, said Andressa de Mello, a director at JBS Ambiental.


JBS Ambiental focuses strongly on one of its principles which is referred to as the Closed Cycle, a process which means that recycled waste can return to the company as other types of raw materials or products, generating significant efficiency and sustainability gains as well as financial savings. In addition to recycled plastic materials and bags, the business unit also produces plastics using virgin material for food packaging and recycles plastic resins, which are used in other processes.


JBS Couros is a global leader in leather processing and exports semi-finished and finished leather from Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay to the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts sectors in countries including the US, China and Germany.


Operating at ten JBS plants, JBS Ambiental started out 13 years ago. It is based out of Lins, a city in the interior of Sao Paulo state, where it manages the warehouses used to separate, clean, shred and prepare material for recycling. The business unit, which also offers services to other customers, has been processing recyclable materials using traceability systems since 2013 to guarantee their reclassification and subsequent transformation into products that can then return to the production process.


About JBS

JBS, a company with over 60 years’ experience, is a food company that manages production platforms and commercial offices in over 20 countries. The company has over 230 thousand staff worldwide, exports to more than 150 countries and serves over 300 thousand active clients globally. JBS has a diverse product portfolio that includes dozens of brands that are known throughout the world.  The company is also active in other sectors related to its core business, such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, soaps, glycerin and casings and owns waste management, metal packaging and shipping businesses that support its global operations.



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