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Company launches its 11th analysis laboratory and first in Pará, underlining its commitment to food quality and safety


São Paulo, April 22, 2019 – Friboi has just opened its first quality-assurance laboratory in the state of Pará. Based in Redenção, the unit will be responsible for microbiological and physical/chemical analyses that will support three Company facilities located in the state (Redenção, Marabá and Santana do Araguaia) and another unit in the state of Tocantins (Araguaína). The unit will perform an average 3.5 thousand analyses a month.

“This launch underlines Friboi’s commitment to food quality and safety”, said Emilia Raucci, Quality Assurance Director at Friboi. “The company has always invest in quality as it adapts to the disruptive technology in cattle farming and continues to improve its internal standards”, she added.

The new laboratory will be automated and use digital technologies, increasing its capacity to analyze all output using predictive visibility diagnostics, which will further increase the speed and safety with which the lab can detect product non-conformities.

Furthermore, the laboratory uses molecular biology analyses for certain types of microorganism (DNA testing) on beef and workplace samples, which will be able to identify microorganisms using a PCR technique, i.e., in real time. “This is a preventive type of analysis and is included in our controls and processes to help mitigate any possible contamination. This helps ensure our consumers receive high quality products”, said Emilia.

Ongoing investment

The Redenção analysis laboratory is the first one inaugurated by the Company in 2019. In the first half of last year, Friboi launched a similar unit in Campo Grande (MS). The company is also upgrading another six laboratories in Brazil and obtaining the ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory certification for all these units. Altogether, around R$ 5 million has been invested in refurbishment, construction and new equipment purchases.

JBS currently has 11 in-house laboratories that are responsible for carrying out microbiological, physical and chemical analyses and testing chemical waste to support routine operations as well as customer and government requirements (self-controls). The laboratories are strategically located so they are able to serve Company units nationwide. The JBS meat division invests around R$ 65 million a year in quality assurance.

Last year, the Friboi Quality department increased the average number of monthly in-house laboratory analyses by 19.7%. 52.9 thousand samples were analyzed monthly in 2017, rising to 63.3 thousand in 2018.

About Friboi
Friboi has been revolutionizing the market for over 40 years by decommoditizing Brazilian beef and building brands.  The company owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands and has a broad product portfolio with the company’s own name brand and market leader Friboi, as well as Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, Reserva Friboi, 1953 Friboi and Swift Black, targeting a variety of different markets. As part of its focus on certified sourcing and food quality and safety, from animal welfare to end product delivery, the company has implemented best sustainability practices across the entire value chain and constantly monitors its cattle suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced farm maps and official government figures. Friboi is sold in over 150 countries and currently has 35 production units in Brazil.


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