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Friboi Meat Academy gets news TV series

Sao Paulo, March 2, 2017 – From tomorrow, March 3, the Friboi Meat Academy will have a new series on Giro do Boi, a program that airs Monday to Friday on the Canal Rural (from 7-8 am Brasilia time). The series will be hosted by Ivan Achcar, the platform’s partner chef, who will be teaching recipes that are specific to Brazil’s different regions.


The series will present 16 recipes each on Fridays. The selected dishes will contain regional ingredients and characteristics from each part of the country.  Chef Achcar will therefore be offering a tour around each of Brazil’s meat producing regions every week from his kitchen on the Canal Rural. Each recipe video will run for between 5 and 8 minutes.


This new section of the program is an extension of the Friboi Meat Academy, which is part of the Giro do Boi program. The online platform was launched in 2016 to educate Brazilian consumers about how to consume meat, offering a range of recipes using a variety of cuts and looking at alternatives for red meat aficionados, while adding value to the raw material produced by livestock breeders.



The Canal Rural is on channels 185 (NET and Claro TV), 159 (Sky), 179 (OiTV) and available over analog parabolic antennas (band C on Star One C2) and digital receivers (on Star One C1).  The new videos will be available on the program from Monday to Friday and on the Giro do Boi website (


About Friboi

Friboi is Brazil’s leading beef brand and has been serving consumers for almost half a century. After three years of extensive promotional and marketing activities, the brand has driven significant change throughout the sector, which until then had been viewed as a commodity. Friboi is now top of mind for 80% to Brazilians , because it offer products people can trust, from certified sources and subject to rigorous quality processes. Friboi created the Friboi Meat Academy to educate consumers about the world of meat; the academy is a platform for branded content produced by Globo and offers tips, recipes and a courses to increase the repertoire of all Brazilians. The project is represented by three well-known ambassadors: Presenter Ana Maria Braga and chefs Olivier Anquier and Guga Rocha, as well as partner chefs Felipe Bronze, Ana Luiza Trajano, Mônica Rangel and Carla Pernambuco, among others.