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The films airing on GNT, GloboNews and Discovery Home & Health will present meals as a time for bonding


São Paulo, June 17, 2019 – Friboi’s “O que dá gosto” (“This is flavor”) campaign aims to bring more flavor to meals and bring people together, either around the dinner table or at a family lunch on a Sunday, and started airing last Friday (14) on Pay TV. The campaign premiered during the GNT, GloboNews and Discovery Home & Health morning programming.


The two 30-second features (and shorter 15-second versions) developed by Lew’Lara/TBWA highlight the role beef plays in Brazilians’ everyday lives, showcasing a variety of flexible meal options, including steak, stew, roast beef or spaghetti meatballs. The agency developed a specific soundtrack and melody for the campaign with lyrics and rhythms that change for each period of the week.

The video shown on weekdays highlights the everyday meal as a time for bonding, while the second video – which airs on weekends – focuses on weekend get-togethers with family and friends. Both advertisements have copyrighted songs and soundtracks.

“Beef is one of Brazil’s most popular foods. In addition to adding flavor to meals, it is part of people’s day-to-day routines and brings people together at times of celebration. As part of the campaign, we want to highlight the flavor beef brings into people’s lives and the contentment it brings to the table”, said Renato Costa, Friboi’s CEO.

“Meat on the table means a complete, nutritious and tasty meal. Brazilian have learned to ask for Friboi. This new campaign revisits the emotional aspect of serving meat at family gatherings”, said Felipe Luchi, COO and partner at Lew’Lara/TBWA.

The campaign activation will also take place during the GNT “Perto do Fogo” television show, with chef Felipe Bronze, and the brand will become one of the show’s sponsors.

The campaign will also run on the Academia da Carne FriboiFriboi Meat Academy (, an online platform that offers information about beef as well as culinary tips and recipes from some of the country’s most celebrated chefs. The website will be updated with new content every week throughout the campaign, encouraging consumers to introduce more flavor into their daily lives by exploring three new sections:

  • What is flavor? – You know that simple dish that Brazilians are always making, but never is quite as good when you try and make it at home? This section will show that special touch you need to make these recipes;
  • Quick tips – Step-by-step videos with useful tips and simple messages to help prepare a variety of recipes;
  • Feast – Tips for hosting a meal for large groups and suggestions on the best dishes for these occasions.

The campaign videos can be viewed clicking on the links below:

Feature 1 – Weekdays:

Feature 2 – Weekends:

The making-of video is also available on the Friboi Meat Academy platform. The campaign will air until November.


Agency: Lew’Lara\TBWA

Client: Friboi

Product: Institutional

Title: O que dá gosto

CCO: Felipe Luchi

Creative Director: Gustavo Diehl and Sthefan Ko

Creation: Fabio Santoro, Mauricio Chemale Cardoso, César Russo and Rafael Rosa

COO: Wilson Negrini

Business: Raquele Rebello, Isadora Spinardi and Carla Mariano

CSO: Renata Serafim

Strategy: Rafaela Badaró, Luciana Moraes and Marcela Calura

VP of Data and Media Strategy: Vicente Varela

Media: Suellen Kiss, Bruna Dantas, Tatiane Lopes and Marcio Pederiva

Production Director: Patricia Gaglioni

Production: Sabino

Image Production: Santa Transmedia

Director: Gustavo Gripe

Assistant Director: Tatiana Senna

Executive Producer: Renata Munaretto

Client Services: Elisa Mello

Editor: Diogo Comum

Color: Dimitris Karteris (Liquor)

Post-production: André Chaves, Fernando Branco, Gabriela Brandes, Pedro Alk, Vinicius Meyer and Sivo Greven

Finalization: Jacqueline Almeida and Roberto Neto

Audio Producer: Comando S Audio

Musical Director: Serginho Rezende

Production: Equipe Comando S

Finalization: Equipe Comando S

Client Services: Elis Pedroso / Juliana Marcheti

Voiceover: Petros Vassiliadis and Carolina Carô Carvalho

Client: Renato Costa, Ailton Firmino and Tatiane de Deus

About Friboi
Friboi has been revolutionizing the market for over 40 years by decommoditizing Brazilian beef and building brands.  The Company owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands and has a broad product portfolio with the Company’s own name brand and market leader Friboi, as well as Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, Reserva Friboi, 1953 Friboi and Swift Black, targeting a variety of different markets. As part of its focus on certified sourcing and food quality and safety, from animal welfare to end product delivery, Friboi has implemented best sustainability practices across the entire value chain and constantly monitors its cattle suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced farm maps and official government figures. The Company’s products are sold in over 150 countries and currently has 35 production units in Brazil.


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