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Friboi is awarded at the 2019 Nelore Fest

Company won the gold medal in the category “Best Ox Purchase” and the Cattle Breeding Oscars in the category “Nelore Natural Highlight – Packing Plant”; Friboi conducted 24 of the 26 phases from the Nelore Circuit of Quality throughout Brazil

Sao Paulo, December 18 th 2019 – Friboi was acknowledged in two categories of the 2019 Nelore Fest, an award promoted every year by the Brazilian Association of Nelore Breeders (ACNB). The company won the gold medal for “Best Ox Purchase”, in Nova Andradina (MS) – as part of the Nelore Circuit of Quality, and the Gold Nelore in the category “Nelore Natural Highlight – Packing Plant”.

“The results from the 2019 Nelore Circuit exceeded our expectations, both in number of animals assessed and in meat quality. This year, we hosted in our plants 24 of the 26 phases of the competition throughout Brazil, and we were very happy with how the breeders were receptive to the Nelore Natural protocol, a standard that confirms the breed’s leading role in Brazilian cattle breeding and positions the Brazilian cattle among the best in the world,” states Eduardo Pedroso, Sourcing director at Friboi.

For the president of ACNB, Nabih El Aouar, Nelore Fest crowns all programs for valuing the Nelore breed conducted throughout the year, and acknowledges the effort from breeders and other links from the beef production chain. “Having Friboi as a partner has boosted the Nelore Natural Program and valued those who produce quality beef. The expansion of the Nelore Circuit of Quality has also allowed to implement actions and make tools available so that cattle breeders could improve their indicators, have more profitability and contribute to further strengthen the Nelore breed and the Brazilian cattle breeding,” comments El Aouar.

During the awards dinner, the main dish had hump steak as its star, a cut from the winning batch of one of the Circuit phases, held in Araputanga (MT). This cut was served to show the success of Projeto Cupim, launched this year by ACNB, Friboi and Matsuda. “We chose the hump steak as the symbol because it is a cut Brazilians love, it greatly represents the quality and unique flavor of Nelore beef, and it is exclusive from this breed,” explains Fábio Dias, director of Relations with Cattle Breeders at Friboi. “This project is very important for the Brazilian cattle breeding, because it defends the intensification of the quality work with Nelore as an alternative to give scale to the growing premium beef market,” he complements.

The 2019 Nelore Fest, known as the Brazilian Cattle Breeding Oscars, has been held for 20 years and acknowledges the main breeders and agents in the segment who work for the Nelore breed. The award was held this Monday (16), at Espaço Villa Vérico, in Sao Paulo (SP).