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This stage of the Circuit was held in May at the local Friboi unit


São Paulo, May 29, 2019 – In May, the Brazilian Association of Nelore Breeders (ACNB) and its Rondônia branch (ACNR), alongside Friboi and Matsuda Sementes e Nutrição Animal, organized an event in Ji-Paraná (RO) to present awards to the winners of the 3rd stage of the Nelore Quality Circuit, which was held at the Friboi unit in São Miguel do Guaporé (RO).

“The third stage of the 2019 Nellore Quality Circuit assessed 825 animals. The results confirmed early termination of Nelore carcasses, which is a decisive factor for meat quality and producer profitability. 52% of males had up to two permanent incisor teeth, and this increased to 77% among females”, said Nabih Amin El Aouar, President of the ACNB.

According to José Macedo da Silva, President of the ACNR, another highlight during the São Miguel do Guaporé event was the weight of younger animals. “Males were slaughtered at 18 arrobas. 82% of females presented average fat covering. We are proud to be able to help increase productivity in Brazilian cattle farming”, he said.


The gold medal for best male carcass lot went to Miguel Machado Neto. Márcio Volpato Cataneo took silver and Ilson Parrão Parrão won bronze. The winners for best female carcass lots were Elias Evaristo (gold) and Jailson Capichi (silver). Overall, 14 local cattle breeders competed during the Circuit’s São Miguel do Guaporé stage. The gold medal winners received 500 kilos of Matsuda mineral supplements which will be delivered to their farms by the company’s technical experts.

Nelore Quality Circuit

The Nelore Quality Circuit, sponsored by the Brazilian Association of Nellore Breeders, supports and promotes pure-bred meat and genetics to help increase productivity for Brazilian cattle farmers. The initiative gauges producers’ results based on their local environment and production system.

This year, Friboi is sponsoring the event that began back in 1999. The company’s involvement has doubled the size of the event, which will have 25 stages across 10 states. By the end of 2019, the Circuit will assess a record 20 thousand carcasses. In June, the campaign will visit Redenção (PA), Araguaína (TO), Rio Branco (AC), Porto Velho (RO) and Colíder (MT).

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