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The visits were carried out by the restaurant chain’s global Sustainability team

From November 3 to 8, representatives from the McDonald’s Global Sustainability program visited Friboi partner cattle supplier farms and Friboi’s beef plant in Campo Grande, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, and the Company’s feedlot in Guaiçara, in the state of São Paulo. The visit aims to assess and approve the first three Brazilian farms – located in the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul – which are candidates for the restaurant chain’s Flagship Farmers sustainability program.

The initiative promotes sustainable practices and acknowledges the efforts made by farmers and livestock breeders working in the McDonald’s production chain. The program encourages the food production chain to give greater emphasis to people’s and animal’s welfare, promote environmental protection efforts and support the financial feasibliity of the farms involved.

During the visits, McDonald’s was represented by Ian Olson, global Sustainability director; Luke McKelvie, manager of the Global Farmer Program; and Karl Williams, director of Operations at FAI Farms. The delegation was accompanied by team members from Arcos Dorados, the restaurant’s largest franchise partner in Latin America.

The farm and plants tour was led by Fábio Dias, director of Livestock Breeder Relations at Friboi; Luiz Fernando Abreu, Global Accounts manager at JBS; Érika Pucci, Quality Assurance manager at JBS; and Priscila Alvarez, Sustainability analyst at JBS.

According to JBS team, the visits were very positive overall, as the farms presented plans to increase productivity by integrating traditional and innovative practices. Some of the farms also held certificates for their efforts to protect flora and fauna.

Luke McKelvie said the three farms presented inspiring practices and outstanding productivity indicators. “Brazil is known for its excellent beef production and we had the privilege of meeting three outstanding beef producers during our visit. We’re looking forward to adding one of their voices to the Flagship Farmers program”, concluded the executive. The finalist farm will be announced shortly.