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JBS scores highly in the management and implementation of animal welfare practices

The Company is among the best assessed Brazilian animal protein organizations , according to ranking announced by the international organization BBFAW

The main ranking of animal welfare in the world, developed annually by Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare (BBFAW), has positioned JBS among the best assessed Brazilian animal protein companies. “This result reflects the Company’s commitment with the theme and we have further enhanced the activities conducted in the field and the industry,” highlights Márcio Nappo, Sustainability director for JBS.

In addition to promoting improvements in the production chain, the Company has invested in training Team Members all over the world, especially in Brazil, United States, Australia, England and Mexico. For example, Friboi and Seara have improved and enhanced animal welfare practices executed in breeders and corrals, industry and transportation of animals.

Amongst the most recent measures adopted by JBS in Brazil, there was the acquisition of a new fleet of trucks designed to ensure more comfort to animals during livestock transportation from farms to the processing units; improvements in industrial equipment and facilities; partnerships with universities to broaden and deepen studies related to the topic; and sponsorship of the production of educational materials to make livestock breeders even more aware of the importance of good animal welfare practices.

Another highlight was the evolution of Seara in its commitment to using collective gestation cages for swine breeding stocks, which offer more comfort when compared with individual bays, achieving 58% of the Company’s production in 2019. Its goal is to achieve 100% of the production in this system by 2025, as established on a public commitment signed in 2015.

Additionally, Seara has made solid investments in modernization and climate control of avian beds, expansion or replacement of infrastructure, totaling the construction of an area with more than one million square meters for poultry breeding. The measure contributes to meet the needs for climate control, comfort and availability of equipment to feed the animals.

“The best animal welfare practices are closely related to the success of our operations. JBS handles this topic with the highest strictness. For us, it is gratifying to see the work by JBS reflected on BBFAW,” concludes Nappo.



The good animal welfare practices from JBS integrate the Company’s sustainability strategy. The strategy aims to reduce the generation of residues, respect the environment and use natural resources. The Company has animal welfare procedures in all its facilities, compliant with national and international standards, and based on the five fundamental freedoms of animals (free from hunger and thirst; free from discomfort; free from pain, injury and disease; free to express their normal behaviors; and free from fear and distress).

As an industry leader, JBS has teams specialized in each type of protein they work with (poultry, pork and beef) and adopts techniques that are constantly enhanced according to the best practices in the market. Additionally, JBS also has an Animal Welfare Committee, established in 2017, with the responsibility of establishing guidelines to drive continuous improvements throughout the Company. In 2019, JBS launched its animal welfare seal, a visual corporative identity that reinforces the topic’s communication with the Company’s Team Members.



Professionals from Friboi from its Customer and Consumer Care Service received training to update their technical knowledge in animal welfare. The initiative was held in Lins (in the state of Sao Paulo) and conducted by Carlos de Oliveira Silva, Quality Assurance specialist from Friboi.

“Animal welfare is a priority for JBS and it is growing worldwide. It is related not only to handling animals, but also to product quality. Customers and consumers are increasingly connected and, consequently, more demanding. There is no doubt that a qualified team makes the service richer,” highlights Carlos.