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JBS Ambiental inaugurates another plant in the Brazilian Mid-western region

Having commenced its operations in the first semester, the facility located in the municipality of Nova Andradina, in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, has already processed 83 tons of materials

JBS Ambiental, the arm of JBS Novos Negócios responsible for managing waste derived from the Company’s operations, inaugurated in January yet another plant in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. Located in Nova Andradina (MS), the new recycling hub has a monthly processing capacity of nine tons of waste including paper, metals, plastics and other materials.

The facility reprocesses waste from the Friboi and JBS Couros plants – both located in the municipality. Since its inauguration, 83 tons of materials have been processed. One of the dynamics of waste reprocessing takes place in a closed cycle process in which the purpose is to reprocess it as raw materials for as long as possible within the operation itself, enabling a complete sustainable gain.

The waste is recycled and becomes new products. The plastic from food packaging, for example, can become garbage bags, leather coverings or tertiary packaging. In the case of the plastic drums left over from the industrial operations or tanning, these become pallets or sub-frames.

In Mato Grosso do Sul, JBS Ambiental also has operations in the cities of Campo Grande and Naviraí.



In recent weeks, JBS Ambiental has run specific training sessions for the Team Members of the Higiene & Limpeza and Biodiesel business units plants regarding guidance and the importance of the proper segregation of waste and its environmental impacts.

The purpose of these get-togethers was to explain the importance of proper selection of solid waste, primarily plastics and paper; the impacts that the proper disposal of materials has on the environment and on JBS, like the reduction in the number of landfills; and the importance of recycling nowadays.

The intention is for this training course to be extended to other business units of the JBS Novos Negócios complex with processes that involve JBS Ambiental.