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“Good Deeds Are Good” program: JBS hands over new hospital in Porto Velho (RO)

The Company has also donated an ambulance and equipment to the “Hospital de Amor” in Barretos (SP), while also contributing to the construction of the Center of Reference in Autism at Jaguariúna, also in the state of São Paulo

At the end of July, JBS presented the population of Rondônia with a new 58-bed hospital, attached to the Rondônia Center for Tropical Medicine (Cemetron), in Porto Velho. The project was built using resources from the “Good Deeds Are Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity” program under which JBS has channeled R$ 400 million in the fight against Covid-19 in Brazil.

Initially intended to attend to patients infected with the new coronavirus, the structure is a permanent asset and will therefore remain at the service of the population of the state. The government of Rondônia will be responsible for managing the hospital.

With an area of 846.94 m² and 47 modules, the new hospital was built in 35 days and comes with 56 clinical beds, plus two isolation rooms, as well as direct access to the Cemetron. JBS invested R$ 11.5 million in the project.

“Agile decision making makes all the difference to saving lives. The new hospital was built in just a few days and will boost attendance to Covid-19 cases in the region”, Jérson José do Nascimento Júnior, the Company’s director of Supplies points out. “We will leave a legacy to the state and to the healthcare of the population of Rondônia and we are very proud of this”, he states.



In the state of São Paulo, JBS has delivered an ambulance to the “Hospital de Amor” (HA) in Barretos. The donation of the vehicle, considered a major necessity for emergency response within the healthcare system, is yet another action by the Company for the city within its “Good Deeds Are Good – Feeding the World with Solidarity” program. The institution has also received four cardioverters, four electrocardiographs on trolleys, an X-ray machine, a portable ultrasound unit and two hemodialysis units. The Barretos Charity Hospital, managed by the “Hospital de Amor”, has also been given five respirators.

“Within the program put together by JBS to support the country in fighting the coronavirus, the request for ambulances was one of the key demands raised in the joint mapping process with local city halls. This delivery, along with other important equipment, came at a key moment for the institution and is a legacy that remains for the city and which will help save many lives, including when all this is behind us”, says Rubens Mazzetti, Human Resources manager of the JBS plant in Barretos.

The coordinator of the “Agro Contra o Câncer” (Agriculture against Cancer) project at the “Hospital de Amor”, Rubens de Carvalho, adds that “gratitude is the sentiment of the HA family right now. I wish to thank JBS for the partnership with our institution. This is an extremely important initiative for all our patients. On their behalf and that of all our employees, I wish to take the opportunity to say thank you for this important and generous donation for the benefit of the “Hospital de Amor” and the Charity Hospital of Barretos. Thank you very much.”

In all, JBS disbursed R$ 16.5 million to purchase 86 ambulances, which were donated to 68 cities in 13 states.



Still in the state of São Paulo, but in the municipality of Jaguariúna, JBS has contributed to the construction of the city’s first Center of Reference in Autism, inaugurated in early August. The Company was responsible for the roof of the building (roof tiles and guttering), which has 10 treatment rooms. The new space will attend to around 80 children a day. In less than one year, the institution has attended to 114 families in psychiatry, psychology, speech therapy, psychopedagogy, pedagogy and occupational therapy.