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In addition to operational skills, several JBS units have additional certifications that guarantee the quality of their processes and products and, consequently, enable the access to a broader number of markets.


  • Global Gap – Audit with focus on the agribusiness chain (matrices / incubators / broiler farms).

  • SWA (Social Workplace Accountability)– With focus on Sustainability and Social Responsibility, it aims at checking work conditions, professionals hired and legislations applicable to the business, as well as contracted hours.


  • Alo Free - Certifies the control of medications and chemicals used in broiler farms.

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC) – Pre-requisite to supply to European customers. This certification is one of the strictest in the industry, covering 326 criteria related to safety in manufacturing plants and quality programs.

  • Global Gap – Audit with focus on the agribusiness chain (matrices / incubators / broiler farms).


  • Halal Slaughter - Treatment conditions that are in line with religious and cultural standards of Muslim countries.

  • Vegetable Chicken – Certifies that the diet ingredients are from vegetable sources, that growth promoters, antibiotics and anticoccidians are not used, and also ensures the traceability of the entire production chain.

  • Organic Chicken – Certifies that the diet ingredients are from organic sources.


  • ISO 9001 – Group of technical standards that establish a quality management model for organizations in general, whatever the type of operation or dimension.

  • ISO 14001 – Standards targeted at environmental management quality.

  • ISO 17025 – Standard for standardization of trial and calibration laboratory tests..

  • IATF 16949:2016 (in Leather) – Quality Management Systems – Specific requirements for the automotive industry.


  • SMETA– Audit on social responsibility and sustainability, required by European customers, which verifies the work conditions (number of hours worked, special equipment, health conditions, etc.) and legislations applicable to the unit.


  • ISCC – The seal acknowledges the responsibility of companies in reduction of the emission of Greenhouse Gases (GHG), sustainable use of soil, protection of natural biospheres, and increase of social sustainability.

  • Leather Working Group (LWG) – Certifies companies with good environmental practices in tanneries around the world.


  • Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization (PAACO)– Certification that the audits comply with standards required by the Association,which gathers professionals specialized in Animal Welfare audit in the United States.

  • Council Regulation N. 1099/2009– European Union regulation for animal slaughter.

  • Certified Humane - the certification verifies that the raw material comes from producers that meet several strict Animal Welfare criteria.