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The JBS Units operate on an integrated manner, in partnership with breeder families to guarantee the raw material sourcing for poultry and pork products. The Company offers the necessary consumables for safe and healthy animal breeding, and also guides about production handling, environmental and Animal Welfare practices.

There is a strict management system for all production phases, from selection of animal genetics, through processing, to product transportation to the final point of sale. This way, there is more control about the sanitary and nutritional condition of animals, minimizing the risk of contaminations and epidemics, as well as quality assurance, food safety, efficiency in product cost, and compliance with specifications from clients.

Social-environmental criteria are also met throughout the production process. This way, Seara acquires soy meal from companies that adhere to the Amazon Biome Soy Moratorium, meeting the criteria determined by its Policy on Responsible Purchase of Raw Materials.

In Brazil, Seara has a group with more than 400 external Team Members and veterinarians, responsible for technical and health visits before and during any purchase or certification of supplier. The JBS teams perform the due field checks on specifications on contract and require environmental license from suppliers.

This way, management and handling are tracked by the Company, in order to guarantee that the best practices are adopted. As a form of recognition for the dedication and excellence, the suppliers with outstanding performance are acknowledged periodically.