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Cattle Responsible Purchase

All beef products acquired by JBS come from farms that:

JBS has in Brazil a robust social-environmental monitoring system to monitor and check if the activities from its cattle suppliers comply with social-environmental criteria established by its Policy on Responsible Raw Material Purchase, in order to guarantee a sustainable supply chain.

The system encompass from the operation in areas free from native plants deforestation, in indigenous lands, areas of environmental preservation or embargoed by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA), to cases of use of slave labor.

Every day, approximately 50,000 cattle suppliers registered in Brazil are analyzed through satellite imaging, georeferenced farm data, and information from government organizations. The exclusive system from JBS covers nearly 45 million hectares in the Amazon region - the area monitor is equivalent to the territorial size of France.

When identifying farms that do not meet any of the social-environmental criteria from the Company and the Public Breeding Commitment, the system blocks the supplier’s commercial registration, making any purchase operation impossible until the situation is regularized. All cattle purchases and the own Social-environmental Monitoring System are audited every year by an independent outsourced company.

A sample representing the total acquisitions of beef raw material is used for the audit. The analysis is based on an average sample of 10,000 operations for buying cattle from direct supplier farms located at the Amazon Biome.

Access the Reports from audits conductedes by a third party:


Araguaia League Program

In 2019, Friboi signed an agreement with the Araguaia League to promote and intensify the development of sustainable livestock breeding in the region of the Araguaia Middle Valley, in the state of Mato Grosso, assisting local breeders.

In the project, called Araguaia Cattle, the League organizes the livestock breeders, while Friboi offers financial assistance for hiring management consulting firms and intensifying their pastures, ensuring higher productivity and contributing to preserve the local biome.

With this, the livestock breeders will have better conditions to invest in their productions, increase their productivity indicators, improve the quality of their animals, and especially contribute to sustainability.

The partnership came to strengthen the sustainable meat production in the Cerrado and to meet the demand from relevant players who aim at an increasingly more responsible purchase. The goal is to turn the region, one of the main livestock producers in Brazil, into a global benchmark of best practices. Together, these breeders help preserve an area with 15,000 hectares of pasture.

With the partnership with Araguaia League, Friboi guarantees the continuity of a serious and responsible work in the region, combining sustainability, preservation and productive success for local suppliers.