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Seara DaGranja

Good Animal Welfare practices have resulted in differentiated products. This is the case of the Seara DaGranja range, where chickens are bred by exclusive farms and fed with 100% vegetable feed. The animals are bred without using antibiotics or anticoccidians – a process guaranteed by the traceability of the entire production chain.

This range has an international certification in Animal Welfare.


For more information about Seara DaGranja chicken breeding, please click here and watch the video

Nhô Bento

Another project that stands out in Animal Welfare practices is Frango Caipira Nhô Bento, with a special breed of range-free chickens.

Seara Orgânico

A line of organic chickens with birds that receive balanced, vegetable-based diet, comprised of non-transgenic, 100% organic soy and corn, vitamins and minerals. Animal handling complies with the Brazilian legislation and the birds don’t receive any type of growth hormone or promoter. Additionally, they have free access to external areas and total freedom to express their natural behavior. The products are certified by IBD.