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Know the commitments made by the Company in Brazil.


Livestock Technical Committee

Seara is a member of the Livestock Technical Committee, from the quality certifier Global GAP, targeted at discussing trends, requirements and parameters on Animal Welfare worldwide.

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Use of antibiotics

Seara is committed to further reducing each year the use of medications on its supply chain. This way, medications are only given when strictly necessary, with veterinary recommendation, to not compromise the Animal Welfare and food safety.

Cage-free chicken eggs

The Company committed, in 2017, to buying commercial eggs, used as ingredients in its products, only from free-range chickens. By 2020, products manufactured by JBS in Brazil will no longer use eggs from caged animals.


Collective gestation

In 2015, Seara committed to transitioning from individual to collective gestation in its pork production. Even before 2015, the company used animals in collective gestation. However, since it formally adhered to the commitment, it has invested in new initiatives and adjustments. New projects or expansions are now built according to this standard. Additionally, JBS has supported its integrated producers in meeting this commitment, so that its entire chain is progressively adapted to the collective gestation system by 2025.


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