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Animal Welfare Management

JBS has Teams specialized in each animal species and adopts techniques that are constantly enhanced according to the best market practices in the theme. The Company also has Animal Welfare policies for each Business Unit, in the format of Formal Policy or Technical Rule.

Additionally, JBS also maintains an Animal Welfare Committee, established in 2017 and comprised of the areas of Sustainability, Quality, Animal Welfare, Breeding and Corporate Communication. The Committee is responsible for establishing guidelines that allow the topic to constantly evolve inside the Company. To make this possible, the Company invests in improvements on its production plants, and also encourages practices that increasingly improve Animal Welfare in its supply chain.

The actions adopted in different operations are based on policies or principles that take into account the five fundamental animal freedoms, conceived by the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC):


The best practices in Animal Welfare are closely related to the success of JBS’s operations. For this reason, the work routines follow the humanitarian slaughter principles. This is a fundamental aspect for the Company, which addresses the topic with extreme strictness. In addition to conventional slaughter, the company performs ritual slaughters, specific to some markets.

The production plants are frequently audited by domestic and international customers, who check criteria on sanitation, quality, Animal Welfare, traceability, nutrition, among others in their checking process.

To ensure care throughout the value chain, the practices and initiatives adopted are focused on three moments: