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The Halal-certified product range offers antibiotic-free cuts of poultry raised on 100% vegetable feed 

and will be available this November in Dubai


São Paulo, October 24, 2018 Seara Alimentos, a Brazilian food company, will attend the SIAL Innovation Selection Paris 2018 to showcase its 100% Natural range, which was selected as one of the biggest innovations by food industry experts including chefs, journalists and packaging, market positioning and merchandising specialists. The range include Halal-certified cuts using poultry raised on 100% vegetable feed on farms that do not use antibiotics and have obtained animal welfare certification. The 100% Natural range competed against 2,300 products to feature among the 400 most innovative products in 13 food categories, and will feature on the Sial Innovation display.

“Seara products comply with the Company’s commitment to Innovation and Qualityand are internationally certified, highlighting our dedication to implementing production processes which help ensure Brazil is recognized as a center of excellence in poultry exports. Our work also provides the best possible customer service to ensure our products are available to households worldwide”, said Joanita Karoleski, president of Seara Alimentos.


The 100% Natural product range was exclusively developed for the Middle East and will be available this November in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Seara is the first Brazilian food company to offer a product adapted specifically to Islamic requirements. The range also ensures animal welfare and certifies that no antibiotics have been administered to poultry at ny point in the production chain. The 100% Natural product range was first unveiled in Brazil in 2015 under the Seara DaGranja brand.

Guillermo Henderson, general director of Seara in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) said: “Seara’s progress in the Middle East over the last few years has been based on key partnerships across several channels. The company’s goal is to strengthen these relations, offering products and driving innovation that meets regional needs and preferences line with global trends. The Seara products displayed at SIAL 2018 were developed exclusively for the Middle East and are all testament of the Company’s commitment to Quality, from the farm to the table”.

“This will be the first marketplace outside Brazil where this new product will be available. Seara successfully tested products and concepts with local consumers before exporting to the Middle East”, said Marcos Delorenzo, director of Marketing and New Business at Seara MENA. In addition to the 100% Natural range, Seara will also unveil a number of other new products, such as the Perfect Cuts range of handmade poultry cuts that are ideal for local traditional dishes like Shish Taouk. “The goal is to continue innovating and increase the variety of our portfolio”, said Delorenzo.

SIAL Innovation Paris 2018 , one of the biggest food industry events and an important indicator for future industry trends, will take place between October 21 and 25 at the Paris Exhibition Park. This year’s edition will feature new natural food and beverage experiences reflecting a number of specific criteria, such as sourcing, safety and sustainability. Everything that the industry has to offer will be on show, from ingredients to equipment and end products. Seara will be showcasing all the innovative products in its international range at stand 6 L 102.



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