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Seara´s chilled ready meals range will be appearing at one of the country’s

biggest music festivals, with venues at the Chef’ Stage and Lolla Lounge


São Paulo, April 4, 2019 Seara Alimentos is now one of the sponsors of Lollapalooza Brazil 2019, one the country’s biggest music festivals, which is being held in São Paulo on April 5, 6 and 7. The brand will have stands promoting the Seara Rotisserie range, providing unique experiences and innovative meals to festival-goers.

There will be three interactions overall. The Lolla Lounge will have several VIP’s interacting with the public and inviting them to an “instagram booth”, where professionals will photograph and record participants who can share the results on their personal Facebook and Instagram profiles.

At the Chef’ Stage, the event’s gastronomy area, Seara Rotisserie will have a container with all the meals available from the range. To give things a boost, music lovers at the festival who purchase a meal will win a wristband allowing them to take photographs with a professional and share them on their social media accounts. The third initiative will take place during the festival’s concerts, with a photographer moving through the crowds to capture the positive energy from everyone using the Seara Rotisserie wristband.

“Our range has an innovative new feature which keeps the food fresh without the need for preservatives We believe Lollapalooza is a great opportunity to showcase these features to consumers spending the whole day enjoying the festival. Simply visit us at the Chef’Stage area to enjoy a fast, fresh meal”, said José Cirilo, Executive Director of Marketing at Seara Alimentos.

The Seara Rotisserie range is the first to offer chilled ready meals in Brazil. Seara Alimentos is the first and only Brazilian company to use the PowerVac technology that employs a powerful vacuum while the meal is still being prepared at the factory, preserving the flavor and freshness of the ingredients without the need to add preservatives, food coloring or flavorings. The entire range is made using products that can be found in consumer’s kitchens and must be stored in the refrigerator. The dishes are easy to heat in the microwave and are ready to eat when the packaging whistles, or within four minutes.

The Seara Rotisserie range recently won the FI Innovation Awards prize for Most Innovative Food Product in 2018 and the Major Packaging Cases Award, organized by Embalagem Marca magazine.

About Seara
Seara has been on Brazilian shelves and dining tables for over 60 years. It is a Brazilian food brand that is fully committed to product quality and offers a wide range of natural pork and poultry products as well as prepared and processed foods. Sold nationwide, Seara currently supplies ready to eat products to millions of Brazilian homes annually, catering to a wide range of different tastes. These products include Chicken, Pork, Breaded Product, Hamburger, Ready-to-eat Dishes, Cold Cuts, Ingredients and Vegetables, Pizzas, Sausages and the special Seara Monica’s Gang brand.


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