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In the next few weeks, the company will send its first shipment of chicken drumsticks and thighs


São Paulo, April 25, 2019 – Seara Alimentos is the first Brazilian company to receive permission from the Indian government to market poultry products locally. In the next few weeks, the company will send its first shipment of chicken drumsticks and thighs, which is scheduled to arrive at the port of Jawaharlal in Nehru, Maharashtra. “Our ability to open up new markets is based on Seara’s work and commitment to product quality and safety”, said Joanita Karoleski, president of Seara.

A local company will act as distributor.

About Seara
Seara Alimentos has a strong global presence in the poultry, pork and prepared foods industries. The company portfolio includes Seara, Seara Gourmet, Doriana, Massa Leve, Rezende, Lebon, Frangosul, Confiança, Big Frango, Excelsior, Delicata and other brands. The company has 30 poultry processing units, 8 pork processing units, 14 distribution centers and 21 prepared foods units in Brazil. Seara is one of the country’s biggest exporters and its products reach 100 million consumers in over 130 countries. In order to strengthen and expand its global presence in the protein market, Seara Alimentos has offices in several regions, including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Netherlands, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and North Africa. The Company has adopted best corporate governance and sustainability practices throughout its value chain and operational management focuses on guaranteeing high food quality and safety and animal welfare standards.


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