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Valentine’s Day campaign is part of The #NãoÉsóSobreComida concept which focuses on quality relationships


São Paulo, June 04, 2019 – Seara Alimentos is unveiling a new Valentine’s Day campaign in line with the “It’s not All About Food”  (#NãoÉsóSobreComida) concept. The ad created by WMcCann employs playful language and invites couples to celebrate the most romantic night of the year without having to queue. Released on June 1, the video follows the concept of prioritizing the quality of human connections.

The campaign uses the slogan “June 12 is not a day for queuing, it is for dating and enjoying more quality” taking an ironic view of a couple who spend hours queuing for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner but end up bored and disappointed.

Afterwards, happy couples share intimate dinners filled with emotion and affection, but made at home using Seara products.

The campaign will air on digital channels with influencers, PayTV and Cinema activations.



– Credits:


Agency: WMcCann
Customer: Seara

Product: institutional
Name of campaign: Namorados

CCO: Hugo Rodrigues and André Marques

COO: Kevin Zung

Creative Director: Ana Castelo Branco
Creation: Ana Castelo Branco, Guilherme Valverde, Gustavo Cavinato, Raphael Fiuza, Paulo Filipe Souza, João Pires and Caio Machado

VP of Planning: Luciana Padovani

Planning: Camila Collesi, Lourenço Guimarães and Guilherme Lima

Client Services: Marina Serra, Vivian Cecchi, Joice Nunes and Ana Beatriz Florencio

New Business Manager: Tatiana Miana

VP of Media: André França

Media: Horacio Rosario, Daniel Neves and Nuria Alves

BI: Anny Atti and Felipe Borges

VP of Production: Tato Bono

Production: Melina Balassanian

Film Producer: Damasco Filmes

Director: Carol Delgado

Photography Director: Thiago Caduro

Executive Producer: Marcelo Monteiro and Carlos Righi

Production Coordinator: Alessandra Meireles

Art Director: Alex Rocca

Client Services: Jana Kam and Felipe Silvani

Editing: Carol Delgado and Sergio Dinis

Post-production: Nathalie Rueda

Color: DOT – Eli Silva

Sound Producer: Jamute

Soundtrack: James Pinto and Thiago Lester

Coordination: Juliana Zuppo and Cassia Garcia

Sound Producer: Otavio Bertolo, Fernanda Galetti and Rafael Laurenti

Client Services: Kiki Eisenbraun and Sabrina Geraissate

Graphic Production: Nereu Marinho and Mauricio Martim

Art Buyer: Melina Balassanian

Photography: Ricardo Barcellos

Photography Production: Thais Sanches

Image Editing: Boreal

Designs: Marina Hirle and Luana Carvalho

Public Relations: Kerena Neves and Bruna Ramos

Client Approval: José Cirilo, Tannia Fukuda, Rafael Palmer, Isadora Weydmann and Yuri Nodario



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About Seara
Seara has been on Brazilian shelves for over 60 years. It is a Brazilian food brand that is fully committed to product quality and offers a wide range of fresh pork and poultry products as well as prepared and processed foods. Sold nationwide, Seara currently supplies ready-to-eat products to millions of Brazilian homes annually, catering to a wide range of different tastes. These products include Chicken, Pork, Breaded Product, Hamburger, Ready-to-eat Dishes, Cold Cuts and Vegetables, Pizzas, Sausages and the special Seara Monica Gang brand. Seara Alimentos sells to over 130 countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, United States, United Arab Emirates, China and Japan) and holds several international certificates for production excellence, including the BRC (British Retail Consortium), SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability), Global GAP (Global Agriculture Chain Certificate), Swiss Law, ISO 14001, Halal Certification, Certificate of Conformity (ESMA Halal National Mark), among others.