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Based on the #NãoÉsóSobreComida (#ItsNotJustAboutFood) concept, each version of the new ad

emphasizes the quality and importance of human relationships


Sao Paulo, May 24, 2019 – As part of its recently unveiled “It’s Not Just About Food” concept, Seara Alimentos is presenting the new campaign for its ham range, which first aired during ad breaks for the 6 pm and 8.30 pm soap operas on the Globo Network. Created by the WMcCann agency, the ads emphasize and importance and quality of human relationships and play on emotions.

The new film shows the attention and complicity between a father and his daughter when he makes a Seara ham sandwich for her to take to school, but sends one more for her to share with someone she cares about. The daughter only realizes what her father has done when it’s time to eat, which highlights her father’s support. Seara ham, which is made from 100% pork leg and contains just 12 calories a slice, is not the focus point as the main message is how food brings people together and helps them share special and unforgettable memories.

The campaign, which uses the track “É Tudo Que Eu Desejo”, includes TV, OOH and digital ads and will be distributed to influencers to emphasize the message. All the digital actions have been viewed over 65 million times.

Seara ham communication includes to TV films, a thirty second version reinforcing the quality of the relationships involving the product, and a ten second version focusing on the product’s differentials. The digital ad has a longer, 60-second version – watch it here: The ad is also playing at cinemas and the cinematic version was unveiled this week.


– Credits:

Branch: WMcCann
Client: Seara

Product: Ham
Campaign name: It’s Not Just About Food

CCO: Hugo Rodrigues and André Marques

COO: Kevin Zung

Creative Director: Ana Castelo Branco
Creation: Ana Castelo Branco, Raphael Fiuza, Paulo Filipe, João Pires and Caio Machado

Planning VP: Luciana Padovani

Planning: Camila Collesi, Lourenço Guimarães and Guilherme Lima

Client Services: Marina Serra, Vivian Cecchi, Ana Florencio and Joyce Nunes

New Business Director: Tatiana Miana

Media VP: André França

Media: Horacio Rosário, Daniel Neves and Nuria Alves

BI: Anny Atti and Felipe Borges

VP of Production: Tato Bono

Producer: Melina Balassanian

Film producer: O2 Filmes

Director: Fred Luz
Photography Director: Fernando Bertoluci and Alexandre Ermel

Executive Producer: Rafael Fortes and Amanda Rossi
Art Direction: André Zarza

Client Services: Rejane Bicca, André Gustavo and Raquel Rocha

Rigger: Victor Cohen and Danilo Abraham

Post-production:  O2 Filmes

Sound Producer: Jamute

Producer: James Pinto, Thiago Lester and Anderson Soares

Executive sound production: James Pinto

Client Services: Kiki Eisenbraun and Sabrina Geraissate

Coordination: Cassia Garcia and Juliana Zuppo

Graphic Production: Nereu Marinho and Maurício Martim

Art Buyer: Melina Balassanian

Photography: Ricardo Barcellos

Photo production: Thais Sanches

Image Retouching: Boreal

Designs: Marina Hirle and Luana Carvalho

Public Relations: Kerena Neves and Bruna Ramos

Client approval: José Cirilo, Tannia Fukuda, Rafael Palmer and Isadora Weydmann



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About Seara
Seara has been on Brazilian shelves for over 60 years. It is a Brazilian food brand that is fully committed to product quality and offers a wide range of fresh pork and poultry products as well as prepared and processed foods. Sold nationwide, Seara currently supplies ready-to-eat products to millions of Brazilian homes annually, catering to a wide range of different tastes. These products include Chicken, Pork, Breaded Product, Hamburger, Ready-to-eat Dishes, Cold Cuts and Vegetables, Pizzas, Sausages and the special Seara Monica Gang brand. Seara Alimentos sells to over 130 countries (such as Saudi Arabia, Germany, United States, United Arab Emirates, China and Japan) and holds several international certificates for production excellence, including the BRC (British Retail Consortium), SWA (Supplier Workplace Accountability), Global GAP (Global Agriculture Chain Certificate), Swiss Law, ISO 14001, Halal Certification, Certificate of Conformity (ESMA Halal National Mark), among others.