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The Company is now a signatory of the Ethos Institute’s Business Integrity and Anticorruption Compact


Sao Paulo, June 4, 2018 – JBS has signed the Business Integrity and Anticorruption Compact, a voluntary and public commitment undertaken by state-owned and private sector companies to disseminate best business practices and develop greater integrity and uphold ethics across the market.

The initiative was developed by the Ethos Institute, a Public Interest Organization of Civil Society (OSCIP), with the mission of raising awareness and helping companies take a more socially responsible attitude to the way they manage their businesses. Around 700 companies across the country are currently signatories.

Signatory companies are required to inform employees and stakeholders in Brazil of relevant anticorruption laws and to comply in full with all other business-related legislation. As such, JBS has been implementing a range of actions, including training courses and widespread disclosure of its policies, such as the Product Donation Policy, Sponsorship Policy, a new Global Code of Conduct, a Code of Conduct for Business Partners and other activities, in order to build a compliance culture.

By joining Ethos, JBS will also be able to liaise with the organization and its members, sharing experiences on public policies and best practices addressing social responsibility and become a leading proponent of the issues involved. The Company is therefore increasing its efforts to bring these issues to the attention of everyone it interacts with, including shareholders, staff, consumers, suppliers and communities.

The process of joining the Ethos Institute was organized by the JBS Compliance Department, led by Marcelo Proença. The Company has been developing a number of actions since last year as it strives to become a global benchmark in corporate governance and to move ahead with its “Always Do the Right Thing” Compliance Program.

In 2017, JBS organized courses for top-level management, training over 120 directors in Brazil and approximately 100 company staff.

Transparency International, a non-governmental organization, published its “Transparency in Corporate Reporting” report at the beginning of 2018, in which it assessed corporate transparency at Brazil’s 100 biggest companies. JBS was given a “very good/good” ranking with a grade of 8.1, well above the overall average (5.7). The company was ranked among Brazil’s 53 largest companies with foreign operations and top ranked in the food industry.

About JBS
JBS is one of the world’s leading food industry companies with approximately 235 thousand employees in over 20 countries. The Company owns a portfolio of brands that are acknowledged for their excellence and innovation, including Friboi, Moy Park, Pilgrim’s Pride, Primo, Seara, Swift, Gold’n Plump and others, serving over 350,000 customers of more than 150 nationalities worldwide. The company’s focus on innovation also reflects its management approach to related businesses in areas such as leather, biodiesel, collagen, personal hygiene and cleaning products, natural wrappings, solid waste management solutions, metal packaging and transportation. JBS has adopted best sustainability practices throughout its value chain and constantly monitors its suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced maps of supplier farms and monitors official data from government agencies; the company also focuses on the highest possible food safety and quality standards. The success of JBS’s operations is closely tied to our Animal Well-Being practices, which are rigorously applied and have received an increasing share of investments to further improve the Company’s efforts in this area, in line with best practices.

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