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High value-added products for the 2020/21 Autumn-Winter season focus on the leather goods market; the company is also reinforcing its Kind Leather concept for the European market


Sao Paulo, October 1, 2019 – JBS Couros, the world’s largest leather processing company, is launching its 2020/21 Autumn-Winter Sound of Fashion collection at the Lineapelle 2019 fair. The new range, designed by Conceria Priante, the company’s Italian unit, is focused on the luxury fashion segment, particularly in the European, US and Asian markets. The fair will run from October 2-4 in Milan (Italy).

The Sound of Fashion was inspired by styles and music from the 80s and 90s based in four inspiring themes that unlock a new journey into fashion and materials built around fragments of energy-filled life: Space – the complexity of the stars and dynamism of the galaxies; Human Skin – as delicate and sinuous as the human body. A powerful attraction back to our roots, sculpted by time and the absolute poetry of life; Future – the bridge between dreams and reality. The time ahead is the immaterial that mutates into certainty; and Sounds – an explosive suggestion of color, dynamism and impulses. An immersion into the analogue tones and sensations of the 90s.

The fusion of all these attributes produces products that unite creativity and tradition with explosive color to build a dynamic and diverse collection. “Music and fashion have always walked hand in hand, connecting different colors and rhythms across the planet. We are always looking to innovate in all our collections, using cutting edge retanning and finishing technologies that add value to our raw material. All this, alongside our traceability system, gives us a significant differential on a very competitive market”, said Guilherme Motta, President of JBS Couros.

Kind Leather

JBS Couros will also be presenting Kind Leather to its European clients during the event. The concept was launched in March 2019 and has rapidly garnered market share, attracting interest from major global footwear, furniture and automotive manufacturers. This range should represent 30% of all leather the company manufactures by the end of this year.

Kind Leather’s figures make it one of the most sustainable projects in the industry. Its production can reduce wet-blue shipping CO2 emissions by up to 65%. 46% less water and 42% fewer chemical products are using during the tanning processes. 28% fewer chemical products are using during the finishing stage. And the entire process reduces trimming waste by 51% and energy consumption by 20% compared with traditional methods.


Social Media

JBS Couros recently launched an Instagram profile for Conceria Priante. The @conceriapriante page showcases leather industry launches, collections and trends.

For further information about Conceria Priante, visit the institutional website Available in English and Italian, the webpage has a compelling design and provides information about the company’s products and collections, alongside news, the brand’s story, social and corporate responsibility initiatives and much more.

About JBS Couros

JBS created its leather business unit in 2009 as an important part of its strategy to add value to the production chain. JBS Couros is the world’s largest leather processing company with 21 manufacturing plants, three cutting factories, five distribution centers, three showrooms and four commercial offices on four continents. The Company currently employs around 7.3 thousand team members worldwide and produces wet blue, semi-finished and finished leather for the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifacts industries. JBS Couros has implemented clear and standardized procedures on its leather production lines and is constantly investing in technology and training, making it one of the most modern companies in the world, transforming organic materials into high-quality products that are widely used by global companies.

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