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Through the Social Fuel Seal program, the JBS unit has expanded program benefits to include small-scale and family cattle breeders.


Sao Paulo, January 23, 2017 – JBS Biodiesel has been supporting the Social Fuel Seal for nine years. The program was set up by the Federal Government to ensure small-scale family farmers are able to sell their plantations to biodiesel producers. Last year, the JBS business unit took steps to extend these benefits to small-scale livestock breeders in the São Miguel do Guaporé region of Rondônia.


Alexandre Pereira, a director at JBS Biodiesel, said including these breeders will further increase social and economic development in Brazilian farming and create excellent opportunities for the company.  “Beef tallow is the second most importance source of raw material for biodiesel production in Brazil, which is why the government included cattle in the initiative, which will benefit family farmers breeding cattle as well as small-scale producers”, said the executive.


To serve this new audience, JBS Biodiesel joined forces with the Livestock Breeder Relationship and Sustainability teams to plan the best forward for expanding the Social Fuel Seal. In addition to analyzing potential cattle producers who might join the program, they all had to comply with environmental and employment laws.  “Projects like this help us to build a stronger cattle breeding sector by focusing on beef production chain efficiency and consumer satisfaction”, said Eduardo Pedroso, executive director of Sourcing at JBS.


JBS is supporting livestock breeders through a technical team that will visit sites to encourage and teach farmers about the advantages of joining the program. The company also offers free technical support, financial planning guidance, preset sales options, bonuses for cattle quality and guarantees to buy 100% of all contracted cattle.


Since joining the Social Fuel Seal program in 2007, JBS has helped over 4.6 thousand small-scale grain producers through purchases of soybeans.


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