Picanha 1953 friboi e sua caixa que contem hambúrguer gourmet

Picanha 1953 friboi e sua caixa que contem hambúrguer gourmet

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Friboi supply chain seal extends audit to Prepared Foods area

Picanha 1953 friboi e sua caixa que contem hambúrguer gourmet

The Company has also renewed the certification of the unprocessed product plants 

São Paulo, February 22, 2021 – Friboi has concluded yet another certification cycle of the Supply Chain Seal, having included the Prepared Foods area. The protocol was reviewed last year, and the Cajamar (SP) plant has become the first in this segment to be awarded certification.

All unprocessed product manufacturing units that completed a full year’s operations in 2020 also renewed the Seal, which takes into account advances in animal well-being and good handling practices in transportation, in the corral and in the internal facilities of the facilities, as well as classifying and typifying raw materials.

Given the new coronavirus pandemic, the checklist of the Seal has been adapted so that the audits can be carried out remotely. This was the task of certification company, SBC (the Brazilian Certification Service), and the verifications took place between August and December.

Before the audits, all Friboi plants received online external training about the key issues of the protocol. In all, over 2,700 Team Members and in-house and outsourced cattle drivers were trained, an increase of more than 600 people trained in relation to last year. The modules were run by the companies SPT (Soluções Palestras e Treinamentos) and BEA (Animal Welfare) Consultoria e Treinamento.

For 2021, the expectation is to extend the protocol even further to cover all the Prepared Food factories, while increasing the product portfolio with the Seal on the label.


About Friboi
Market leader in Brazil and with a history extending back more than five decades, Friboi has revolutionized the animal protein segment by “de-commoditizing” beef. Present in over 150 countries, the Company has 36 production factories in Brazil responsible for producing one of the most complete product portfolios of the industry which are sold under the Friboi, Reserva Friboi, Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, 1953 Friboi and Swift Black brands. The Company also provides customized programs for the retail and wholesale sectors, like Açougue Nota 10 found in over a thousand stores and which and which maintains the same standard of service, ensuring the best display of the cuts, support for the management and improved profitability for storeowners. In addition, Friboi operates the Açougue Gourmet 1953 Friboi program, a model implemented in the supermarket industry to offer premium cuts in portions and wrapped according to the consumer’s choice. In recognition of the high standard of quality of its products, Friboi holds important awards, such as the seal for “The top-selling Beef in Brazil”, as verified by consulting company Nielsen.

With the focus on the guarantee of origin, quality and safety of the food delivered to the consumer, from the animal welfare until delivery of the end-product, the Company adopts the best sustainability practices across its entire value chain, and constantly monitors its cattle suppliers using satellite imagery, georeferenced maps of the farms and by tracking official data from public bodies. On the social side, Friboi has supported the Special Chefs Institute project for more than eight years, and is also one of the sponsors of the “Taça das Favelas” organized by the Central Única das Favelas (CUFA) and considered the world’s largest intercommunity competition.