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We are here making food for you. Stay home for us.


During the Covid-19 pandemic that has had everyone worried, JBS has remained completely dedicated to its mission of feeding people around the world.

Guaranteeing the supply of foods is essential to the well-being of everyone. For this reason, the Company will maintain its operations working with all the care and thoughtfulness to help feed the population in a moment it needs the most.

In addition to the effort in guaranteeing the supply with everything it is capable of producing globally, JBS has made the commitment to maintain its over 240,000 job positions and investments worldwide. In Brazil alone, the Company has over 120,000 direct team members.

Since the beginning, the Company has adopted serious measures to preserve the integrity and safety of all its team members, and adopted all necessary steps so its Teams in plants, distribution centers, stores and offices are safe and can be proud of the role they play every day in people’s lives.

JBS is carefully looking at each market where it is present – further strengthening the relationship with its partners, customers and consumers – and is working on solutions, through its diversified platform both in protein type (beef, poultry, pork and lamb) and geographically, to make the difference in such a delicate time, when everyone is called to do their part.

Amidst this challenge, JBS and its teams carry on working even harder. We want food to bring more comfort to millions of people, and the entire Company has been united, more than ever, in a global effort, where the collaboration from everyone is a crucial factor to get through this difficult period.

Aware of the importance that food has in families’ lives, JBS is very proud of all the effort and dedication from its teams, and thank each one of its team members and everyone who is part of this massive chain that allows taking food to people’s homes. Even more especially, we say “thank you very much” to the tireless healthcare, public security, cleaning, media professionals, and to everyone who also perform essential activities and have given an invaluable contribution to the society.