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Swift will offset 100% of its packaging to recycling

embalagem filé mignon cubos

Company has entered a partnership with eureciclo, a Brazilian reverse logistics certification agency

Swift, the benchmark in quality frozen food products has embarked on an environmental offset project for 100% of its packaging. Under a partnership with certification agency eureciclo, the Company is now channeling to recycling the waste equivalent to its own in weight and material, so as to neutralize possible impacts.

Between primary and secondary packaging, including the plastic bags provided in its stores, Swift is now offsetting around a thousand tons of waste plastic, paper and glass per year, which no longer find their way into landfills, while supporting the growth of the recycling chain in Brazil.

“As the post-consumption wrappings of our products have dispersed destinations, we decided to undertake the environmental offset of our wrappings over and above what the Brazilian Solid Waste Policy stipulates. In this way we are reiterating our commitment to the planet through the circular economy, by helping to reduce the possible impacts of this waste on the environment while, in addition, bolstering environmental preservation initiatives”, Lilian Petri, Research & Development Coordinator at Swift, explains.

All Company products with the Swift brand will have the eureciclo seal intended for companies that seek to communicate their concerns and their efforts to mitigate the impacts of their business on the environment. “The seal enables the consumer to choose a product they recognize as socially and environmentally responsible”, Lilian adds.

“We are pleased with this partnership, which ensures proper disposal of waste packaging, reducing the adverse impact on the environment. This joint work boots Brazil’s recycling rates while also encouraging the professionals in this chain and producing all-round results”, Daniela Pereira, In-house Sales and Customer Success Manager at eureciclo, explains.

Swift uses the platform of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as the benchmark for its sustainability actions. The UN’s Agenda 2030 defines the SDGs as an action plan for making the planet more sustainable for people.