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JBS strengthens its commitment to sustainability on World Environment Day

In 2019, R$ 236 million was invested in environmental enhancements in JBS’ plants in Brazil. Additionally, last year 2 billion liters of water generated by the company’s operations in Brazil was reused.

JBS has increasingly invested in eco-efficiency and sustainability, and achieved positive results over the past year. In celebration of World Environment Day, on June 5th, the Company strengthened its actions and initiatives.

In 2019, the Company stood out in the areas of environmental management, energy and residues reduction, environmental monitoring, and water management. In total, R$ 236 million was invested in environmental enhancements in the Company’s plants in Brazil.

Also in 2019, JBS treated more than 80% of the water collected from the environment; used 90% of renewable energy in its operations; reduced the use of electric power per ton of product by 2%; and monitored 450,000 km² in the Amazon to ensure the responsible sourcing of raw materials from livestock breeders.

In relation to residues, the Company reused 50% of the residues generated in its operations, representing a total of over 665,000 tons. Additionally, it reused approximately 2 billion liters of water – a fundamental resource for everyone’s sanitization and safety-evidencing its commitment to reducing waste and investing in increasingly efficient production.

In the fight against novel coronavirus, water is extremely important for the health and well-being of everyone, and mandatory in the Company’s internal sanitization processes. Claudia Jardim, JBS Sustainability coordinator , stressed that “taking care of our resources and using them consciously is the most effective way of helping the environment and each other.”