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JBS program assists over 800 families in the Amazon region

A thousand food baskets have been distributed to indigenous peoples, quilombola communities, riverine communities and urban populations to protect human rights and the environment

JBS, through the “Good Deeds Are Good – Feed the World with Solidarity” program has donated a thousand food baskets and a thousand food cards to the Associação Kanindé, a not-for-profit entity that works with indigenous peoples, quilombo communities, riverine communities, and urban populations to protect human rights and the environment. The association helped to distribute food to over 30 municipalities in the region, with the support of the Indigenous Youth Movement of Rondônia.

The association has begun distributing the food cards to economically underprivileged families affected by the crisis triggered by the pandemic. The JBS program also finances the logistics efforts of Kanindé in distributing the donations, while another part of the resources will be channeled to a family farming project involving the Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau and Paiter Surui indigenous peoples, which is one of the actions of the campaign to assist the peoples of the Amazon.

Within this initiative, JBS will donate to the state of Rondônia R$ 16,2 million, of which R$ 10 million to the State and R$ 6,2 million to six cities within the state boundaries, benefitting around 800 thousand people. Associação Kanindé has also delivered food baskets in three municipalities in the state of Amazonas and in a city in Mato Grosso. This action attended to 806 families previously selected by the entity, benefitting approximately 3,500 people in the Amazon region.

The Sete de Setembro, Cinta Larga, Uru-Eu-Wau-Wau, Pirahã, Tenharim/Marmelos, Roosevelt, Juma, Aripuanã indigenous lands, and the riverine community of the Lago do Cuniã extractivist reservation, among others, have received food baskets donated by JBS with the support of Associação Kanindé. On July 17, the Company also donated 1,600 food baskets to the Rondônia Federation of Persons with Special Needs (FEDER), which primes persons with disabilities for placement in the job market.

The municipalities of Porto Velho, Pimenta Bueno, Cacoal, São Miguel do Guaporé, Colorado do Oeste and Vilhena – all located in Rondônia – have already received donations of thousands of items like respirators, ambulances, vital signs monitors, clinical beds and hospital gurneys, personal protection equipment (PPEs) – gowns, procedure gloves, surgical and N95 masks, impermeable overalls, surgical shoe covers and scrub caps – and hygiene and cleaning items (liquid and gel alcohol, bleach, liquid soap and garbage bags).