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JBS engages livestock farmers in Pará to raise sustainability parameters

Initiative is coordinated with the support of the NGO Solidaridad Brasil and the Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock

Livestock farmers in the state of Pará will be visited by April in order for them to get to know the details and the benefits of the Sustainable Livestock Farming Indicators Guide (local acronym, GIPS), which is a management instrument that assists producers in ascertaining the level of sustainability of their farm by means of a free self-evaluation that produces a plan with guidelines indicating what can be improved and how to go about this.

The initiative will be possible thanks to the partnership between JBS and the GTPS (Brazilian Roundtable on Sustainable Livestock), and the support of the Brazilian arm of the Dutch NGO, Solidaridad, in rolling out the implementation of the Guide. To that end, the GTPS has hired two technicians who will be at the disposal of the suppliers of JBS in the local municipalities of Marabá and Novo Repartimento, and in other surrounding cities, providing them with guidance on how to fill out the GIPS.

All data is confidential, and no information is provided to the sector or any other entity. “The GIPS is intended both for those taking their first steps in the activity, and those who already have results. The purpose of the project is to encourage producers to raise the degree of technology based on sustainability parameters”, says the executive coordinator of the GTPS, Luiza Bruscato.