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JBS Couros launches website and series about the “Kind Leather” concept

The goal is to increase transparency throughout the production chain and raise awareness of this novel concept

JBS Couros recently launched a website and video series on sustainable leather to promote transparency throughout its production chain. The campaign is based on the Kind Leather concept which reduces CO2 emissions during transportation by 65% and consumes 46% less water and 42% fewer chemical products. Overall, the production process generates 51% less trimmings and saves 20% on electricity.

The sustainability concept mainly focuses on how leather is processed and only uses the most suitable parts for each process, which differs from the traditional industry format.

The website highlights the route each product takes and the end-to-end traceability program, which collects data throughout the leather production chain, from the farm to the end product. JBS Couros is the only company in the industry offering this level of production chain visibility.

In an effort to further promote Kind Leather, JBS Couros began a video series to create closer ties between the Company and leather consumers, showcasing all the differentials Kind Leather offers and how it supports sustainability. The video series is available on the JBS profiles on LinkedIn and YouTube, with films that tell customer and Team Members stories about this innovative approach to leather processing.