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JBS Biodiesel has second plant certified by RenovaBio program

The Company also holds the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), which allowed it to export 3.6 million liters of biodiesel to Europe in the past month

The JBS Biodiesel plant in Lins (state of Sao Paulo) was the first in Brazil to obtain the certification for emission of carbon reduction credits (CBIOs) and, following the Company’s sustainable footprint, the facility in Campo Verde (state of Mato Grosso) has also been certified by the RenovaBio program from the National Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels Agency (ANP).

With the new certification, which was also issued and validated by the company Green Domus, JBS Biodiesel increases its capacity for emission of CBIOs to approximately 800,000 per year. The Campo Verde plant achieved an efficiency score of 80.40 gCO2eq/MJ, which places it among the top five scores amongst the companies currently certified.

“We are very pleased with the certification to the Campo Verde plant and especially with the efficiency score achieved, which confirms the high potential in energetic-environmental terms from JBS Biodiesel,” highlights the director of JBS Biodiesel, Alexandre Pereira.

The certification acknowledges that the biodiesel produced by the factory issues seven times fewer greenhouse gases than fossil diesel, which represents a reduction of nearly 86% in emissions.

“This means that, for every 765 liters of the biodiesel generated by the plant, to replace conventional diesel, we eliminate an emission superior to one ton of CO2e,” complements the executive.

The above average result is due to the operation profile from JBS Biodiesel factories, which production uses mostly animal fats from JBS’ production chain. In line with its sustainable footprint, the Company correctly disposes of these residues and turns them into biofuel.


Exports to Europe

In April, 3.6 million liters of biodiesel that JBS exported to Europe arrived at the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. The cargo departed from the Company’s plant in Lins. Currently, JBS is the only Brazilian company in this industry with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), which it has held since 2014 and this qualifies the Company to export to the European market.