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JBS achieves the Gold Seal for its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) inventory

Continuing in line with the Company’s sustainable footprint, Friboi has begun a project involving Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered truck-trailers

In an effort to enhance its environmental performance, for 11 years JBS has been monitoring the greenhouse gas emissions (GEE) its operations produce. In addition, every year it prepares its emissions inventory according to the international GHG Protocol methodology. The results are published on the Public Emissions Registry Platform of the Brazil GHG Protocol Program, guaranteeing its activities greater transparency.

In 2019, for the first time, the Company’s inventory in Latin America was submitted to third-party assurance. This work was undertaken by SGS, an internationally recognized certification body. The assurance takes place in accordance with the data reports of the plants in Brazil and those of JBS Couros overseas (Germany, Argentina, The United States, Italy, Mexico, Uruguay and Vietnam). The physical audit took place in February in Lins (SP), Sidrolândia (MS), Campo Grande II (MS), Rio Grande da Serra (SP) as well as the Head Office in São Paulo. The other units were audited remotely using document analysis. As a result, on September 17, JBS was awarded the Gold Seal of the Brazilian GHG Protocol Program.

In the light of the importance of this issue for JBS, the data used in the calculations are monitored on a monthly basis by the Environment and Sustainability areas, and are also subject to an external review process conducted by consultants of KPMG, thereby affording even greater security to the audit process. The Company also uses a specialized software to manage this information, Credit360.

According to Claudia Jardim, Sustainability manager, “Climate Change is a priority for the Company, which is why knowing and calculating the emissions from its processes and supply chain is so important. The assurance of these emissions ties off the entire process, affording the reports greater transparency and reliability “.


Sustainable truck-trailers

In line with the sustainable footprint of JBS, the fleet of Friboi’s logistics partners has in recent months added a sustainable truck-trailer powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). The vehicle, whose visual identity is 100% Friboi, reduces CO₂ by 15% in comparison with diesel-powered vehicles.

If we take the annual CO₂ emissions of a CNG-powered truck, compared to a diesel-powered one:

  • a reduction of 7,6 tons of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Equivalent to the annual emissions of four passenger cars.
  • Sufficient for round-the-world trip in a passenger car.
  • The vehicle is 100% CNG (not a hybrid diesel one), has eight gas cylinders and uses German technology (the first vehicle of its kind in Brazil).