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A reference in her area of operation, this professional will have responsibility for introducing the fund to potential investors and for heading up future projects


Eyes fixed on the Brazilian Amazon, and focused on the operating strategy, funding and co-financing, in addition to evaluating the opportunities and projects to be financed, their coordination and implementation. This will be the role of Andrea Azevedo who has assumed the Sustainability Directorate of the JBS Fund for The Amazon – the investment fund created by the Company to promote the socioeconomic development and conservation of the Biome.

With a degree in Biology (UFMT), and specialization in Environmental Education (UFMT), a masters in Environmental Economics and PhD in Sustainable Development (UnB), Andrea has been in the market for over twenty years, including intense involvement with the Amazon. Her experience includes sustainability projects involving public environmental policies, low carbon agriculture, policies for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as well as participation in multiple stakeholder groups involving the livestock production sector and civil society, deforestation and implementation of the Forest Code.

She also has extensive experience in issues involving family agriculture, socioenvironmental reparation arising from major environmental disasters and in building approaches for engagement and participation in complex systems of governance.

“Andrea will have an essential role in the integrated approach to the fund’s programs and projects, as well as in communication and relationships with potential investors, government and civil society. It makes us proud to have a woman with such a commanding professional background in our team, working for the environmental preservation and the socioeconomic development of the Amazon”, explains Joanita Maestri Karoleski, president of the JBS Fund for The Amazon.

JBS Fund for the Amazon
The JBS Fund for The Amazon is one of the initiatives of the Together for the Amazon program announced by JBS in September of this year. The fund will be dedicated to financing initiatives for expanding conservation of the forest, promoting the sustainable development of the local communities, in addition to scientific and technological development, with an investment of R$ 250 million over the first five years. With the participation of other stakeholders, the target is to reach R$ 1 billion by 2030.

The fund is run by a Board of Directors, a Fiscal Council, a Consultative Council and a Technical Committee. All spending by the fund will be audited by KPMG. The entire process will be reported, and the results published on the official program site.

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