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JBS SA (“JBS”) strongly believes in the values ​​of privacy and transparency. As stated in our privacy policy, we are committed to protecting your security and the privacy of your data. For this reason, we have created this Cookie Policy (“Policy”) with the aim of informing you about the use of cookies on our website.

In this policy we use the term "cookies" to refer to cookies and other similar local data storage technologies.

For more information about our privacy practices, visit our privacy portal.

1. What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file of information that the websites that the user visits keep on their switch or mobile device. They are mainly used to make websites work or be more efficient, as well as to provide information to their owners.
Cookies are generally classified based on how long they remain active before they expire. A “session” cookie is one that generally expires when you close your browser or mobile app. A “persistent” cookie is one that remains on your device, even after you close your browser or mobile application.

2. What do cookies do?

A cookie can store or retrieve information from your internet browser. This information can be about the user, his preferences or his equipment. In general, they are used to make the website work as expected by visitors.
A cookie allows the website to remember the user's actions and preferences (for example, login, language and other preferences) over a period of time, so that the user does not have to enter them each time they return to the website or when navigating between pages.
This information, although allowing to offer a more personalized web experience, does not directly identify the user.

3. Why does JBS use cookies?

We use cookies to differentiate you from other users of our site, to allow you to navigate between pages efficiently and store your preferences. Such cookies provide a good experience when browsing the website. If you visit our site again, we may recognize you, even if we do not know your identity.

4. How to manage cookie settings

We provide an option on our website to " change your cookie preferences ". At any time you can access it in order to manage the cookie settings according to your preference.
There are also management options available in your browser. The browsers of internet allow the user to change your cookie settings, for example, to block certain types of cookies. The user can block cookies by activating the setting in his browser that allows him to refuse all or some of these.
However, if you choose the setting that blocks all cookies, the user may not be able to access part or all of our website, since some cookies act on its functionality.

5. List of cookies

Below we list which cookies we use and their purposes: