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Created in 1855, in the United States, Swift results from the visionary ideal of Gustavus F. Swift, who revolutionized the way meat was processed, distributed and sold.

In 2007, the company was acquired by JBS, and gained strength and visibility from an innovative business strategy: the creation of its own sales channels, without the need of intermediates to get to the end consumer.

This innovation allows Swift to fully control its production chain, from choice of animal to strict temperature control in transportation and display in the point of sale.

Swift Sales Channels


Swift Stores

In the stores, there are products with the best prices and specialized service, with sales leaders qualified to talk about proteins, suggest cuts, and give the best tips on how preparing each product, always with the chain’s signature cordiality.

Swift Vans

The vans offer practicality as a differential. Swift takes the same high quality products from the store to hundreds of clients in routes that include gated residential and corporate communities.