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With 10 Business Units in Brazil, JBS Novos Negócios gathers the operations that transform by products and materials not used in beef, pork and poultry processing into high value-added products, such as biodiesel, collagen, natural casings for cold cuts, animal feeds, medicinal inputs, hygiene and cleaning materials, among others, sold in the Brazilian market and exported to more than 20 countries. Additionally, it includes companies that provide strategic services to JBS, in the segments of metal packaging, trading, transportation, recycling and residue management.

This way, companies promote the cycle economy and generate value for JBS, contributing to the sustainability strategy and enabling 100% of use of raw materials employed in their operations. This represents an important gain in financial efficiency for the organization and fosters the adoption of sustainable practices in the production chain, and also significantly promotes innovation inside the Company.

JBS Ambiental

This Company supplies products and solutions for industrial waste such as plastic, wood and metal. Some of these inputs are recycled and return to JBS industrial plants as trash bags, tarpaulins, bags or plastic coverings. It also manages and processes post-industrial solid waste that cannot be recycled, ensuring it is correctly disposed of. This involves using a system to track these materials from their source up to final disposal. JBS Ambiental has eight waste collection centers in Andradina (SP), Barretos (SP), Ituiutaba (MG), Campo Grande (MS), Naviraí (MS), Goiânia (GO) and Lins (SP). The Lins unit alone processes 260 tons of various types of plastics every month and transforms it into recycled plastic resins, a raw material that can be used to manufacture new plastic products. In 2018, it produced around 3,000 tons of recyclable plastic resins and handled around 14 thousand tons of solid waste, including plastics, metals, paper and hazardous and non-recyclable materials.

JBS Biodiesel

With two factories in Campo Verde (MT) and Lins (SP), JBS Biodiesel is the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of biodiesel using beef tallow. As the business has evolved, other types of waste are starting to be used as raw materials, including used, recycled cooking oil.

JBS Embalagens Metálicas

With two factories in the interior of São Paulo, in Lins and Barretos, this business unit produces steel cans for products - including food - that need protection from physical, chemical and biological interactions. It is one of Latin America’s largest manufacturers of metal packaging and is capable of producing approximately 1 billion cans a year. In recent years, it has invested in expanding its portfolio which now includes items such as cans for luncheon meats, sardines and tuna (extruded) and increased its current capacity for the vegetable and tomato segment, among others. The Company also produces aerosol packaging, an area where much of its growth has come from.

Higiene e Limpeza

This business unit is the biggest manufacturer of soaps and bar soaps in the B2B segment, serving the main beauty and hygiene markets in Brazil and customers in Nigeria, Cape Verde, Angola, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Venezuela and Uruguay. With a production unit in Lins (SP), it also produces base mass for vegetable or animal and glycerin based soaps.


A pioneer and global leader in beef collagen production, NovaProm is capable of producing 5,000 tons of collagen and 4,000 tons of functional ingredients for industrialized products at its plant in Guaiçara (SP). The business unit supplies a number of industries, such as fresh processed meat products, baking, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. Much of its revenues come from exports and in recent years the Company has managed to gain a foothold in new markets in the Americas, Asia, Africa, Oceania and Europe.


This unit produces consumables for the pharmaceutical industry and develops raw materials for research centers, molecular development, gene therapies and vaccines. The state-of-the-art unit is located in Campo Grande (MS). It obtains its supplies from JBS and all products are traceable from source.

JBS Trading

This unit is responsible for sales of raw materials to the food, hygiene, cleaning and biodiesel industries. It manages products such as vegetables oils, animal fats and chemicals.

JBS Transportadora

This unit has its own fleet of 1.1 thousand trucks which are fully tracked and provide real-time telemetry controls. It serves JBS and outside customers through its 35 affiliates across the country.

TRP Caminhões Seminovos

This unit is responsible for negotiating new vehicle purchases for JBS companies and selling an average of 2,000 used trucks and trailers a year.

JBS Natural Casings

The world’s largest producer of natural cattle-based casings in the world operates two processing units in Brazil, in Goiânia (GO) and Ituiutaba (MG), serving the world’s largest food companies. Internationally recognized for its supply capabilities as well as product quality and traceability, its products are used to manufacture casing products like salami and sausages and all material is controlled from source. Part of its output is also used to make strings for musical instruments, tennis rackets and surgical sutures, among other items.