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Poultry Value Chain

Two Business Units from JBS are targeted at producing and selling poultry: Seara Alimentos, in Brazil, and Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation, working in North America, Central America (Porto Rico and Mexico), and Europe. The poultry used by the JBS Units come from its own farms and family farm partners. They receive all inputs, assistance and training required to adhere to the best safety, quality and sustainability practices, in accordance with Company principles.

Know the value chain of JBS in the poultry segment:


Seara Alimentos

Seara has a broad portfolio of fresh poultry, prepared, industrialized and frozen foods, with leading brandssuch as its namesake Seara, Seara Gourmet, Seara DaGranja, Seara Nature, Big Frango, Massa Leve, Doriana, among others.


SIts production supplies the Brazilian and foreign markets, with highlight to Europe, Middle East and Asia, in retail and food service, as well as B2B, cash carry, and e- commerce. To better serve its over 100 million consumersin more than 130 countries, the company has offices in Asia, Africa and Middle East.

With exclusive products for each region, in order to meet demands from different parts of Brazil and the world, the Business Unit offersmore than 90 options ddeveloped by the company for the market.

Currently, Seara Alimentos has 30 poultry processing units, 14 distribution centers, and 21 processed food units.


Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation

Pilgrim’s is theglobal leader in chicken production and processing and the world’s largest organic chicken producer..The Company produces and sells high value-added fresh meat, pre-processed and ready-to-cook foods. Through its subsidiary Moy Park, it also makes vegetarian, beef and pork products and desserts.


With plants in the United States, Porto Rico, Mexico, United Kingdom and Continental Europe, itsstrategy is based on geographic and portfolio diversification and innovation.. The Company is public has listed on NASDAQ.

Currently, Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation has 36 poultry processing units, 16 processed food units, and 23 distribution centers around the world.