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Pork Value Chain

In the pork segment, JBS has three Business Units dedicated to producing pork and derivates: Seara Alimentos, in Brazil; JBS USA Pork, which includes the operations of Plumrose, in the United States; and JBS USA Beef, owner of the brand Primo Smallgoods – leader in processed products, such as ham, sausage and bacon, in Australia.

The animals used by the JBS Units come from its own farms, from integrated breeders – who receive all inputs, assistance and training necessary for adhering to the best sustainability, quality and safety practices, in accordance to the principles required by the Company, and from outsourced producers.

Know the value chain of JBS in the pork segment:


Seara Alimentos

In the pork segment, the portfolio from Seara includes fresh meats and industrialized foods, targeted at the domestic and foreign markets, to meet the increasing demand for this protein, especially through its namesake brand Seara and Seara Gourmet.


Also in pork, Seara has invested in the launch ofproducts with higher added value and in expanding its share in the international market.. Just like with poultry, China is one of the company’s main destinations for exporting pork, both in retail and in food service.

In this segment, currently Seara Alimentos has eight pork processing units, 14 distribution centers, and 21 processed food units.



Thesecond largest pork producer in the world,,JBS USA Pork works with with fresh and pre-prepared (ready to cook) high value-added products, (through leading brands such as Swift and Swift Premium, as well as innovative products, like Plumrose.


The business unit’s strategy is focused on the quality of products and services offered and in the partnership with clients, always increasing theeefficiency of operations.. Additionally, it also invests in qualifying teams focused on research, development and innovation,especially in the area of fresh pork, aiming at safety and quality, with the goal of identifying and implementing new processing technologies.

Currently, JBS USA Pork has five pork processing units, two genetics units, two distribution centers, and seven processed product units..