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Leather Value Chain

JBS is the world’s largest producer in the segments wet blue, wet white, semi- finished, and finished leather.

To face the challenges of the global leather market, the Company invests in technology and innovation to develop products with higher added value, offering more versatility and enabling better use of material by the clients, in addition to creating pioneer sustainable production concepts.

Know the value chain of JBS in the leather segment:


JBS Couros

JBS Couros caters to several markets around the world, with products targeted at the automotive, furniture, footwear and artifact segments, through the brands Authentic, Cambré, Virgus and Conceria Priante.


With facilities in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, JBS Couros has 20 production plants, three cutting units, two distribution centers, two showrooms, and four commercial offices.

Currently, JBS Couros has 17 units certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG) – international initiative comprised of companies, retailers, tanneries and suppliers to debate and promote efficient and sustainable environmental practices in the worldwide leather industry – all of them with top score in traceability, and also participated directly in the development of protocols and discussion forums on best practices in this organization.