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Beef Value Chain

JBS produces and sells beef through two Business Units: Friboi, in Brazil, and JBS USA Beef, present in the United States, Canada and Australia. In Brazil, most of the livestock breeding is done extensively, and in other countries it is based on animal feedlot. Know the value chain of JBS in the beef segment:



The Friboi Business Unit owns some of Brazil’s best known beef brands, such as Friboi – Brazil’s market leader – Reserva Friboi, Maturatta Friboi, Do Chef Friboi, Swift Black and the recently launched 1953 Friboi, innovative by offering a premium product line directly to retail.


With focus on value-added products, Friboi offers a broad portfolio to meet demands of consumers both from domestic and foreign markets, and uses the most modern technologies in the food industry. The processing units are strategically installed in the main livestock farming locations, and thedistribution centers are located in the most relevant consumer sites., The company caters to small, medium and large customers throughout Brazil.

Currently, Friboi has 35 beef processing units, three feedlots, 26 distribution centers, and seven processed food units.


Açougue Nota 10

Logo Açougue Nota 10 Always aiming at guaranteeing the beef quality for the consumers, from animal welfare, Friboi has created the “Açougue Nota 10” program, with the purpose of developing a special sales channel that builds retailer loyalty with solutions for butchers and supermarkets chains.

The participating retailers have access to an exclusive and differentiated range, and the clients that opt to sell exclusively the Company products, on the other hand, get support in butcher management, ensuring inventory in the correct volume and standard, with competitive price, avoiding losses and offering improved results.

Relationship with Livestock Breeders

With the purpose of strengthening the service and relationship with livestock suppliers,, JBS has created the area of Relationship with Livestock Breeders to meet the demands from each breeder with priority. The expressive progress in temporary and predefined agreements with the main suppliers allows the Business better production planning and, consequently, higher levels of efficiency.

Since 2012, JBS has developed and implemented several tools to improve this relationship, such as the“Quality Lights”, correlating technical carcass parameters into green light (desirable standard), yellow light (tolerable standard) and red light (undesirable standard). Several typing protocols work together.

Additionally, the Company producesGiro do Boi, ua daily TV show at Canal Rural with relevant information about cattle breeding, and is responsible for the Cattle Breeder Portal,with free access by breeders to the full slaughtering history in each of their farms.


The JBS USA Beef business unit includes the beef and lamb operations in the United States, Canada and Australia, where JBS is the largest animal protein processing company.

The business has fresh products in its portfolio, which leading, acknowledged brands targeted both to local markets and to exports,such as Swift, 5Star, 1855, Great Southern, Aberdeen Black, Primo, among others.


Currently, JBS USA Beef has 18 beef processing units, six feedlots, two leather units, two lamb units and one pork unit, eight processed food units, nine logistics centers and eight distribution centers in three countries.